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11044Re: organism and identity / devi

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  • Nina
    Oct 1, 2003
      > hi Nina, i'm wondering, is Iyenger yoga your number 1 favorite and
      > do you consider him a Guru for yourself..?

      It is currently a style I am learning, therefore, Iyengar is,
      by way of my teacher who teaches in his style, my teacher.

      > there are only maybe three or 4 yoga teachers in my town
      > and the best one is an Iyenger Yoga Instructor..
      > her body is incredible, i'm wondering if the instructors
      > are into becomeing enlightened as well?

      I don't know, devi, you'll have to ask them. That seems
      to be a very individual question/answer.

      > what else does Iyenger Yoga include besides asanas?

      It depends on how deep you want to take it.

      Iyengar yoga can work as a therapeutic system,
      a fitness program, and also as a spiritual springboard.
      Asana can be everything one takes from it,
      or the least of what one takes from it.
      Really, it is difficult to isolate asana
      from 'the rest', as the mind and breath
      are integral to the body in the performance
      of asana. In a pragmatic sense, one does not
      perform asana effortlessly until one has mastered
      the mind and breath to a degree. Iyengar yoga is one
      style of hatha yoga, and as such, includes all that
      hatha yoga includes, as well as all of its limits.

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