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  • Gregory Goode
    Oct 1, 2003
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      At 04:44 PM 10/1/2003 +0000, Nina wrote:
      >There are all manner of spontaneous expressions of being
      >filled with "The Holy Spirit". As regards my own expression
      >of this highly intimate experience, either you see it in
      >what I share, or you don't. The same could be said of anyone's
      >contributions on this list.

      In some places this experience is highly contentious too. In the pentacostal Christian churches, there's a belief that being baptized by the holy spirit is evidenced by speaking in tongues. And in these churches, speaking in tongues has a certain sound, certain syllables that people recognize.

      A friend of mine and his wife were Sunday School teachers living in the church building. They lost their position and had to move from the church. Why? One day someone asked him whether he had ever spoken in tongues. He said, "no." They said, well, you can't teach Sunday School here [and told the pastor] unless you have been baptized by the holy spirit."

      He said "I was, I heard the "mighty rushing wind." They said, "Our doctrine states that this isn't enough, that you must speak in tongues." So he had to leave.

      With that belief, it's no surprise that in these churches there are also classes on speaking in tongues and how to make yourself ready for the baptism. You even practice the sounds!

      Great case of a cultural belief that is projected onto God!

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