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11027Re: a dream for Karta, on resisting emotions?

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  • Nina
    Oct 1, 2003
      --- In meditationsocietyofamerica@yahoogroups.com, "Era"
      <mi_nok@y...> wrote:
      > oh Ninaah!
      > her name is Gertrude she ate ONLY
      > FRUITS her eys were clean like a child,

      That is because she was about to pass out from
      that 'light' feeling that comes from eating
      nothing but fruit. :) No, just kidding. I bet
      Gertrude is a great woman. Thanks for the story.
      That was fun to read. Very epic. The salami
      was a nice touch, but it reminded me of an
      apocalyptic dream I had the other day, one, it
      is seeming, of a nightly string of them. Yes, salami
      can play a role in the apocalypse, particularly
      when it is infested with tiny white mites. Anyway,
      I liked Gertrude's story - it had a nice flavor,
      not so spicy as salami, but wholesome and sweet,
      perhaps a bit savory. Yum.


      > We were always camped sitting up in
      > folded chairs held up by sleeping bags
      > as pillows during the night in front
      > of Master's room meditating in bliss..
      > and than there was Gertrude! the
      > fruition: no chair no pillow, she just
      > was curled up in front of Thakar's
      > door in rain or in shine and waited and
      > waited for him to come out and than
      > she looked at him with the biggest
      > smile and an undescribable, no bars
      > held opened, over-flowing love and
      > devotion..
      > but
      > we did not consider her "high" [oh]
      > because she was so egoless and so
      > simple, that we did not understand
      > this at all..
      > Later, when I was setting up an Ashram
      > for Sant Mat; she came to Budapest to
      > help and she handed out flyers for
      > 10 hours without a brake and she was
      > in her seventies then
      > I visited her in Berlin at her place
      > a 2 story high villa; all empty of
      > furniture only Master's photos all
      > around and brought a newly initiated
      > couple with me who did not stick to the
      > vegan diet yet
      > when we drove up to her house I walked
      > ahead to ring the bell and tell her,
      > that we have arrived, the car and my
      > friends were parked about 30 feet away,
      > Gertrud turned to me and said you are
      > all welcome, but you can not bring in
      > the salami in the house
      > lol
      > I didn't even know that it was among
      > their luggage
      > she has a huge apple tree in the back
      > yard and lived on that
      > thanks for the memories Nina
      > all love and peace, Karta
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