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11024Re: a dream for Karta, on resisting emotions?

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  • Era
    Sep 30 8:12 PM
      > > oh thank you my angel
      > You're welcome.
      > > Nina are you a fruterian?
      > >
      > > I think I saw this in one post..
      > >
      > > I've a girlfried who is and you remind
      > > me of her
      > Nope, I'm not a fruitarian.
      > > thanks again for your gentle and
      > > insightful company
      > You're welcome.
      > Nina

      oh Ninaah!

      her name is Gertrude she ate ONLY
      FRUITS her eys were clean like a child,
      she has a villa in Berlin and she is
      a real devoted disciple of Sant Thakar

      We were on a 6 month tour in India;
      moving from Dera Dunn from the North
      from the foot of the Himalayas down to
      mid India to the state of Maharashta Pimpernale, where my Master's mom is
      from. We stopped at all Kirpal Ashrams
      the previous master of Sant Mat and
      at big cities being hosted by the
      natives on roof tops out doors most of
      the time

      Ching Hai, the founder of the Quan Yin
      movement was one of the four so
      called 24/24 mediators which group
      included me and the the rep for the US
      Sangat and a girl from Oregon'

      We were always camped sitting up in
      folded chairs held up by sleeping bags
      as pillows during the night in front
      of Master's room meditating in bliss..
      and than there was Gertrude! the
      fruition: no chair no pillow, she just
      was curled up in front of Thakar's
      door in rain or in shine and waited and
      waited for him to come out and than
      she looked at him with the biggest
      smile and an undescribable, no bars
      held opened, over-flowing love and


      we did not consider her "high" [oh]
      because she was so egoless and so
      simple, that we did not understand
      this at all..

      Later, when I was setting up an Ashram
      for Sant Mat; she came to Budapest to
      help and she handed out flyers for
      10 hours without a brake and she was
      in her seventies then

      I visited her in Berlin at her place
      a 2 story high villa; all empty of
      furniture only Master's photos all
      around and brought a newly initiated
      couple with me who did not stick to the
      vegan diet yet

      when we drove up to her house I walked
      ahead to ring the bell and tell her,
      that we have arrived, the car and my
      friends were parked about 30 feet away,

      Gertrud turned to me and said you are
      all welcome, but you can not bring in
      the salami in the house


      I didn't even know that it was among
      their luggage

      she has a huge apple tree in the back
      yard and lived on that

      thanks for the memories Nina

      all love and peace, Karta
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