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1100Help Request - Michael

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  • Tony
    Sep 20, 2002
      Hi Michael,

      This is one of the harder posts for me to reply, I hope I can help.

      Your request for help is a great opportunity for everyone who reads your
      post. I hope it helps you to know that you are presenting everyone you
      encounter with a good opportunity for their spiritual development.

      I have the following suggestions:
      1) Listen to spiritual tapes: I recommend "The Power Of Now, by Eckhart
      2) Find someone who has your condition and start regular phone calls where
      you focus on listening to what they have to say.
      3) Send us a post here as often as you can simply telling us your meditation
      experience for that day.
      4) Improve your health if are not physically in the best condition - take
      your Doctor's advice.
      5) Try different therapies based on what is available to you in your area
      (Tai chi, chi kung, reflexology etc).
      6) If convenient, get a pet that needs your care and attention.
      7) Join a Yahoo group that is focused on your specific condition.
      8) Ask people you know to suggest a new hobby for you to try.


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      pls help if you can my name is michael i been seekinking spirtuallity
      for a long time.i suffer ftom generalised anxiety disorder. plus panic
      low self esteem.supposed to be intelligent from all the iq test
      and school test.but panic always makes me self destruck
      see a shrink who gives me zanax 1mg 6 times a day guess what addiction
      but he has been trying to teach me a concentratation meditation he learend
      from roy masters.very strenous tech.pls post this if there is a good
      instructor in the la or alhambra area pls help im 46 years old 26 years of
      and faliure is too much if anybody can help id appreciate it
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