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110Re: Mantra vs. affirmations

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  • medit8ionsociety
    Jan 10, 2002
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      Eve is right, and her explanations are right on!
      You are doing very well. Mantras, affirmations, Mala
      beads, and so on, are all devices to quiet the mind. If
      they work (bring you peace), they are good. If they
      don't, they are bad (take your peace away). If you have
      used an affirmation as your mantra, that's fine.
      Mantras align you with holy vibrations and affirmations
      replace negative thoughts, words, and actions. You could
      say that using an affirmation as your mantra gives
      you twice the return for the energy you use. If you
      are supposed to receive a mantra to replace the
      affirmation you use from a teacher, a book, an angel, or from
      any source, nothing in the universe can stop this
      from happening. As Kir Li Molari says, "Witness, flow,
      watch your ego and suffering go."
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