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1097Re: [Meditation Society of America] Mullah Vedanta

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  • meisenheim6@aol.com
    Sep 20, 2002
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      pls help if you can my name is michael i been seekinking spirtuallity
      for a long time.i suffer ftom generalised anxiety disorder. plus panic
      low self esteem.supposed to be intelligent from all the iq test
      and school test.but panic always makes me self destruck
      see a shrink who gives me zanax 1mg 6 times a day guess what addiction
      but he has been trying to teach me a concentratation meditation he learend
      from roy masters.very strenous tech.pls post this if there is a good
      instructor in the la or alhambra area pls help im 46 years old 26 years of
      and faliure is too much if anybody can help id appreciate it

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