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10889Re: [Meditation Society of America] My Journey into Meditation

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    Sep 26, 2003
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      Hi rcarter:
      When I first attained this sensation I tried to get information.I read books on chakras and opening of the third eye.Not everyone agreed on what was taking place.So,that did not help me much.Somebody who claimed to be gifted saw a snake coming out of my forehead which was supposed to represent vision beyond the five senses.I am not clairvoyant or possess any so called psychic abilities I am aware of.
      Sometimes when I was in meditation and the pulsation began it would spread like a pressure band around my head; then once in a while I got the feeling the top of my head opened up.I believe this was the crown chakra.Now that is a cool thing to experience.
      But here I am many years later a student trying to pay attention in class.
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