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10888RE: [Meditation Society of America] My Journey into Meditation

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  • Carter, Richard
    Sep 26, 2003
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      Hi Ralph, I just had to reply because of what you said about the brow chakra.  I too think that I am aware of this (whatever it is).  I don't think my attainments or experiences are as advanced as yours, but I often feel an intense pressure between my eyes while meditating.  However, it doesn't exactly pulsate as yours does.  It's more of a constant sensation.  It does however seem to ebb and flow at a very slow rate, every five minutes or so, so I guess you could say it does pulsate.  I wonder if I really am effecting something here or if it is just a product of wishful thinking and an intense imagination.  But I always try to get the pressure because it has a relaxing and absorbing quality.
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      I just became aware of this group and this is my first post.I once
      read a book by Maxwell Maltz called PSCHO-CYBERNETICS which basically
      taught how to relax your body by concentrating on one body part at a
      time.Then you could silence your mind without the body as a
      hindrance.I  eventually went on to chants,chakras  kundalini you name
      it.I settled on an ohm tape playing, incense burning at times and an
      imagined point of focus.I did this for about 5 years and rarely
      missed a day.Man I was dedicated!I would open with a prayer and an
      imagined white light for spiritual protection.After sometime past, I
      could just lie down and immediately I had no awareness of my body and
      I only had a sense of being.I would see pastel green clouds in a
      violet backgroud.Eventually the green would disappear and the
      remaining violet would turn to orchid.I would experience an intense
      sensation as if I was on some strong narcotic.Sometimes there was
      sexual arousal which proved to be a distraction to me.

      My most memorable experience was during a very blissful meditation
      when I was seeing orchid and feeling the best I can remember ,I had

      At that very second I saw a pure white light with my eyes closed and
      I felt I was everywhere at once and flying at the same time.
      The sensation was so intense I could not sustain it and brougt myself
      out of it.I never saw that white light again or had that intense an
      experience.That was maybe 20 years ago.
      During that period my brow chakra started to pulsate and to this day
      I can activate that sensation by focusing on it.I am not aware of
      anything extraordinary that occurred after the activation except it
      tends to relax me.I would love to hear from anyone who has this
      sensation between their eyes.

      When I became a student of Guru Bawa he taught by thinking the name
      of God with every breath you are in a constant state of meditation.
      So instead of 20 minutes a day,it becomes 24 hours.

      A great teacher once said..."Make your like a meditation and the
      world your prayer mat."


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