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  • satkartar7
    Sep 2, 2003
      > > wishing you to experince that
      > >
      > > "God is Love and Love is God" as
      > >
      > > Sant Thakar Singh Ji a Godman and
      > > Satguru says
      > >
      > > <http://www.santmat-meditation.net/mystic/kabir.htm>
      > karta, since you are always so intent in pointing out that there are
      > false gurus and self-appointed gurus, and guru wannabees and guru
      > megalomaniacs,,please, take alook at this
      > one..

      I know that garbage Devi,

      all great saints from Jesus on and
      from before him were attacked; it is
      from negative for balance

      all an that page are prooven lies, the lawsuit to trying to distort money lost

      and the author, David almost attacked
      with his fists Sant Thakar Singh after
      Kirpal Singh death 30 years ago
      because he liked an other master and
      he can't forget it

      about the topic of 'blindfold': it
      is the tradition of our school of
      meditation to meditate in the dark it
      makes it easier to se the the inner-
      light, so in the sun we used a scarf;
      the video tape is misunderstood because
      they did not know this

      I WAS THERE:

      me with the first Light House children


      among those kids who, are now teenagers
      6 are enlightened and hold satsangs
      in India and Master's Light House
      children program is doing great


      ps: your love is overflowing
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