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10449Re: false teaching about false gurus

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  • satkartar7
    Sep 1, 2003
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      > Leaving the Upthread for
      > those who wish to go back
      > and read the centuries old
      > traditional teachings of
      > some sects of the eastern
      > religions.
      > The teaching Karta posted
      > speaks of the need for The
      > Highest Creative Power,
      > The Highest Divine Power
      > to bestow role of master,
      > teacher, guru.
      > Then it goes on to say that
      > the student cannot go
      > beyond the level of his
      > physical, living teacher.
      > But ordination does not come
      > from another physical teacher,
      > nor need it be confirmed by
      > another physical teacher.
      > It is written on the tablets
      > of our hearts. When our heart,
      > 4th chakra, pick-your-model,
      > opens, when we remember our
      > divinity, we merge with God,
      > beyond the physical realm.
      > An aspirant can recieve
      > direct experiential knowledge
      > of: our oneness with God, that
      > there is nothing that is not
      > God, that all is within God,
      > an all-pervading, peaceful,
      > Loving, illuminating God...
      > The guru is a convenience and
      > one honor, but only as is my
      > own experience.

      yes mine too

      > The seeker is
      > the one served by the master,
      > and the only mission of the
      > true master is to make another
      > master.
      > It is another form of manipulative,
      > exclusive-club "priesthood" to
      > say that another person, guru or
      > not,

      yes, all kinds of games are at play
      in the name of ego

      > is our only route to God
      > and that we can go no higher
      > than the one who pointed to
      > the door.
      > We have a direct route.
      > Need a guru, do you?

      no thanks I had the best, but I am
      looking for a tennis coach


      > Jeff

      John the Baptist wasn't within the same
      Consciousness as Christ and he was
      needed, but please belive there is a
      wast, wast wast differnce between guru
      and the next one; like night and day

      of course there is a need and a market
      for teachers at all levels

      BE USED IN VAIN!!!!!

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