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10447Nasrudin's Miracle

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  • medit8ionsociety
    Sep 1 7:41 PM
      Mullah Nasrudin organized a group that met regularly to discuss
      meditation and other spiritual matters. A religious leader from a
      nearby temple soon became very upset by the growing popularity of
      Nasrudin's group and the lessening of his own flock. One night he
      burst into the meeting and yelled at Nasrudin "You are a cheat, a
      thief, and a fool. And yet you claim to be a spiritual guide. But what
      have you ever done that was great? Our founder was such a wonderous
      and holy man, that when he had to cross a body of water, he just put
      his prayer rug on the water, got on, and it immediately carried him to
      the other shore. And what miracles can you perform?"
      Nasrudin replied "My miracles are that when I am tired, I sleep. When
      I am hungry, I eat. And when I am insulted - I forgive!"
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