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  • satkartar7
    Sep 1, 2003
      --- In meditationsocietyofamerica@yahoogroups.com, kathy rabold <karatagi34677@y...> wrote:
      > Karta, Who are self-appointed masters ? Do you know who they are ?
      > Who are the good ones ? Kathy
      > satkartar7 <mi_nok@y...> wrote:
      > Difference between a true Master and a self-appointed Master
      > Many claim to be Masters without possessing knowledge or experience
      > from the Divine plane.
      > There are today thousands of "Masters" in both the east and the west
      > All these claim to be Masters themselves.
      > Considered from the point
      > of view of a true, genuine teacher, Master, the teaching of the self-
      > appointed, physical "Masters" are directly or indirectly influenced
      > by the negative sensory power.
      > What is it then that these self-appointed teachers or Masters teach?
      > On the surface they supply the same teaching, but deliver a
      > different sort of doctrine, experience. They can lead or guide their
      > disciples only to those areas within the astral world or the sensory
      > dimensions which they have reached themselves. The message or the
      > teaching is the same. With some training, anybody is capable of
      > teaching without any problems whatsoever. But it is difficult to
      > provide the practical demonstration and the first-hand information.
      > This is only possible for him/her who has been appointed by the
      > Highest Creative Power.
      > What is the difference between a true, genuine, competent master and
      > a so-called self-appointed master? There is a big difference! It is
      > easy to ascend beyond the physical consciousness and concentrate on
      > the area between the brows (the third eye, the seat of the soul).
      > But it is very difficult to (completely) withdraw the consciousness
      > from the body consciousness and reach beyond the astral and causal
      > regions. In order to accomplish this, one has to be focused and
      > constantly have his/her attention in the third eye. This is only
      > possible with the help of the Highest Creative Power. A human being
      > can never reach this on his own.
      > Erroneous guidance of so-called self-appointed "masters".
      > All impressions and experiences from previous lives (all karma), are
      > gathered in a big reservoir in our unconscious mind. This works as
      > an iron curtain hindering the soul or spirit in reaching its
      > destination. Only the Highest Divine Power, the Word or Shabd (the
      > sound within) can incinerate, eliminate karma and open the third eye
      > so that the soul can pass beyond the darkness and experience the
      > spiritual light. Since the so-called self-appointed "masters" are
      > incapable of eliminating karma, the information they deliver at the
      > time of initiation is connected to the sensory regions, and the
      > message or knowledge coming from there is of solely negative
      > character. This kind of energy and knowledge keeps one bound in the
      > lower sensory regions and whatever experiences there are pure
      > illusion.
      > Even the five holy names, mantras or words, revealed by some self-
      > appointed teacher or master not empowered by the Highest Divine
      > Power, are without any value at all. He, who received the five
      > mantras at his initiation by a self-appointed teacher, can only
      > reach as far as the respective teacher had reached. If, for example,
      > such a "master" has reached no further than the lower or
      > intermediary regions of the astral plane, neither can his disciples.
      > On this plane, the disciple may be able to perform many kinds of
      > miracles and have fascinating experiences that make him believe that
      > he is in constant progress, but in reality he is moving around
      > within the same plane.
      > The self-appointed masters existing today in the sensory world, make
      > their disciples believe that the experiences they have on these
      > sensory regions are in fact of spiritual nature. This is misleading
      > for the disciples and keeps them bound in this region and to their
      > ego. These astral experiences make on see different kinds of
      > phenomenon as for example various landscapes, flowery fields,
      > angels, buildings and various kinds of places, etc. The purpose of
      > the five names (mantras) given at the time of initiation by a
      > competent master living among us here and now, is to withdraw the
      > soul from the sensory world and thereby enable the disciple to learn
      > to control the sensory world instead of being controlled by it. The
      > purpose of this is to enable the soul to free itself from the
      > treadmill of birth and death and return to its original source - to
      > the home of the soul - Sach Kand.
      > Alexander J. Markus

      hi, Kathy

      There is a great variety in the level
      of guruship. In the US the term is
      badly abused Almost every guru here
      in are teachers who know the books
      and can teach wisdom, or yoga, but that
      has nothing to do with guruship. A
      real guru preferably from a lineage
      receives the 'rod' [gaddi] from her/
      his guru and they are able, like John
      the Baptist connect one to the Divine

      It is a very sacred tradition, even
      Jesus HAD to be baptised

      Since a teenager I am seeking out
      gurus and can tell who has the rod and
      who doesn't

      I dunno how .. here are my gurus
      from them I received initiations
      among them there are only 2 real guru
      for me.

      From the Eck gurus I met: Darwin was
      very powrful and Harold Klemp is not..

      MataiJi is also a real guru, she would
      be the third one, but she is not at
      the level I like it.

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