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10436The auspicious and all-pervading One

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  • kathy rabold
    Sep 1, 2003
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      Om. Salutations to the Supreme Self.
      O Thou destroyer of Cupid and ruler of the worlds !
      Thou auspicious and all-pervading One
      attended upon by they devotees !
      May Thou, accompanied by Thy Divine Sakti,
      enter into, and take residence in, the shining and movable tent of my mind,
      which is fixed every day on the royal road of divine contemplation,
      and which has the will
      as the pillar for its support,
      the Gunas, as its strong ropes,
      the numerous tendancies as its multiple colors,
      and the psychic centres as its lotus designs.
      (Sivanandalahari of Sri Sankaracharya .  21 )

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