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10434Re: false teaching about false gurus

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  • Jeff Belyea
    Sep 1, 2003
      Leaving the Upthread for
      those who wish to go back
      and read the centuries old
      traditional teachings of
      some sects of the eastern

      The teaching Karta posted
      speaks of the need for The
      Highest Creative Power,
      The Highest Divine Power
      to bestow role of master,
      teacher, guru.

      Then it goes on to say that
      the student cannot go
      beyond the level of his
      physical, living teacher.

      But ordination does not come
      from another physical teacher,
      nor need it be confirmed by
      another physical teacher.

      It is written on the tablets
      of our hearts. When our heart,
      4th chakra, pick-your-model,
      opens, when we remember our
      divinity, we merge with God,
      beyond the physical realm.

      An aspirant can recieve
      direct experiential knowledge
      of: our oneness with God, that
      there is nothing that is not
      God, that all is within God,
      an all-pervading, peaceful,
      Loving, illuminating God...

      The guru is a convenience and
      one honor, but only as is my
      own experience. The seeker is
      the one served by the master,
      and the only mission of the
      true master is to make another

      It is another form of manipulative,
      exclusive-club "priesthood" to
      say that another person, guru or
      not, is our only route to God
      and that we can go no higher
      than the one who pointed to
      the door.

      We have a direct route.

      Need a guru, do you?

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