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10423The Atman, which is Knowledge Absolute---.....Love, Heart, and Mind

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  • james lockett
    Aug 31, 2003
      189. The Atman, which is Knowledge Absolute, shines within the Pranas, in the heart. Tough It is immutable, It becomes the doer and the experiencer because of Its superimposition (the intellectual-sheath).
      In Vedanta, it has been constantly asserted that the seat of the intellect is the heart, that in the "cave-of-the-heart" is the intellect and in the midst of the intellect is the shining Atman. This is just a poetic expression. A man with noble emotions is called a man of "heart"; and he who is bereft of emotion is called "heart"-less. The mind full of love is called the "heart". When I enter a rocky cave, then above me, below me, to my sides and in front, in fact, every where there is nothing but rock. In the same way, when I enter the heart-cave, all around me there can only be "heart". "Heart" means "love", pure love. In such  an atmosphere of universal love the seeker's intellect must function. In the cave-of-the-intellect is Brahman, that is, when the intellect is contemplating upon the Atman in an atmosphere of universal love, it will be able to recognise the Self as the light illumining its meditative, single-pointed thought. Therefore, the teachers of Vedanta say that in the hridaya is the buddhi.
      The heart agitated with likes and dislikes is called the mind. The mind is the choking chord around the neck of the individual, while the heart is the releasing angel that helps one to free oneself from the thraldom of the mind. To achieve it, one has to bring the mind to a single-pointed thought. This is not possible unless there is love. With love or devotion, when one moves towards the Atman, the mind becomes single-pointed with the only thought in it. And He who illumines that thought is Brahman. This condition of meditative poise has been indicated in the verse when it says that the intellectual-shealth is the heart.
      ......ego-centric attitude of the ever-changing, sorrowful, miserable individuality and its experiencer-hood comes to the Atman because of the conditionings (upadis), which are themselves ony illusory projections due to man's ignorance.
      Swami Chinmayananda on Sankara's Vivekachoodamani, Verse 189, vol.1

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