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10416Re: Enlightment, The Journey of Learning

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  • satkartar7
    Aug 30, 2003
      --- In meditationsocietyofamerica@yahoogroups.com, angelicspirit2000 <spiritmindbody2001@y...> wrote:
      > I had become isolated in my worries and self doubt and
      > deluded myself into thinking I was having quiet
      > time...going into the silence.
      > My point...When you find yourself in the dark you look
      > for a light, when the darkness is within...your
      > friends, your loved ones, your guides, and your faith
      > are your lights.
      > Isolation is a dangerous thing...it breeds more of the
      > worries, doubt and fear that sent you there in the
      > first place. There is a huge difference between
      > isolation and going into the silence, and in doing one
      > it is easy to believe that you doing the other.
      > No one was meant to make their journey alone...when
      > you find yourself lost there is always someone to
      > reach out to...I am not saying that they will have the
      > answers...some things are for us alone to do, but they
      > will always be there to be the light that helps you
      > find your way home...I forgot this for while...it
      > took..who else, but a dear friend to remind me...
      > So much of the continuation of my journey I am
      > understand through The book SUNRISE AT TWO LIONS. I
      > love to read and study different religions. practicing
      > meditation...combining comfort from all various
      > sources. Do others do this? Accepting of all as I
      > travel the road to enlightement!

      yes, I do

      and you are so right dear TW isolation
      is not the same as silence. I did
      isolate myself and it is not healthy

      please post expert from Jeff's book

      > As so so eloquently stated, being a participant in the
      > banquet, taking what is needed.
      > With loving thoughts and peace,
      > TW
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