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  • Mary Kay Ghiglia
    Aug 9 1:55 PM

      I have a basic question -- I try to meditate daily, but am most comfortable lying flat.  I meditate using a TM technique, with a mantra that was given to me years ago.  However, your website has helped me understand that my focus need not be on simple sound, but may be focused, more object-driven as in prayer, drawing in/collecting, giving/sharing, breathing, etc. If I am not sitting up, is it still meditation, or should I just consider it a resting moment?  This is my experience>>  This particular "event" occurs: I focus, repeat my mantra, I sink into a void, physically, mentally. It takes between 10-15 minutes to get there, and it is a very brief experience, but consistent.  I feel like I am falling sometimes, my body jerks, it's a real jump,  and then I am back to my "focus" -- the mantra, the directed thought.   It is really wonderful, but I'm thinking that  maybe I shouldn't be lying down. I do a little Yoga first, before I meditate, just to get the breath in and out.... Am I simply falling asleep?...help!  Thank you so much.  Mary Kay Ghiglia

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