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  • texasbg2000
    Aug 7 5:14 PM
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      Dear Reshad:

      Thank you this is well thought out and presented. For several years
      I used a machine which induced the brain-wave frequencies you wrote
      about in your article. It was very effective. You can read about it
      on the website for the company I bought it from. The Comptronics
      company. They are called brainwave entrainment machines (BEM).

      The brain is capable of having the different brainwaves occur in
      proportions. Low beta with high alpha and theta is a deep meditation

      The machine also allowed me to have one brainwave pattern in the left
      hemisphere and another in the right. Since verbalization is left
      brain low beta there is effective for meditation.

      Bobby G.

      > Easy Way to Delta Level
      > (The deepest level of meditation)
      > Mohammad Wahid Noman
      > Background...
      > I'm not sure about the year, It may be 1995 or 96. An
      > advertisement came in front of me by `Rahashsha Patrika', an
      > adventure magazine for teenaged. Very intelligent advertisement. I
      > was then in Khulna, one of the divisions of Bangladesh. Khulna is
      > native state. I read in school. The advertisement attracted me very
      > much. It was about meditation, which was represented by local yoga
      > foundation "Quantum Method". As I was in rural area, I
      > didn't have
      > enough scope to know much about it. As a result my thinking was
      > bounded in that advertisement. After a few days, one of my close
      > relatives came to visit us form Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh. A
      > book was with him named "Atta Unnoyon" the equivalent English
      > is "Self Improvement" by a local writer "Biddut
      > Mitra". I read some
      > paras of the book. Being liked, I bought that book. And that was
      > first time for me in meditation world.
      > After this...
      > In 1996 I come to Dhaka and get myself admitted in a local
      > school. Since I was the regular reader of that adventure
      > magazine `Rahashsha Patrika'. In the mean time a room for
      > meditation
      > was created in me. And for this I was very much interested
      > about "Quantum Method" meditation course. But for the high
      > course
      > fee, I didn't let my agree to be spreaded. At that time I found
      > an
      > audiocassette on meditation from my uncle. I copied that and tried
      > continue the practice. Then I feel the need of completing the
      > mediation course. And this course helped me to aware of meditation
      > deeply.
      > Some More...
      > There is an interesting matter, I have come to know some way
      > of meditation in me automatically. I was too much surprised when I
      > found the rules of that way exactly in the meditation course. In
      > course, we are told mind is the root of all power. But it was not
      > fully clear to me then, as I was too young to understand this
      > Mind was then an unnecessary and difficult event for me to realize.
      > But after the four years of the course I feel the truth, mind is
      > power. And if mind is under controlled, everything will be under
      > controlled.
      > That I want to say…
      > In fact, though I practiced every term of Quantum Method, I
      > have doubt about some of parts of it. But after a long days most of
      > the doubt is overcome. Actually the real feeling of everything
      > me to overcome the doubt. Inspite of doubt, I didn't allow any
      > disruption in practice. And during the continuation of practice, I
      > have found a new method about meditation. And I think it will
      > a new thinking in the field of meditation.
      > First of all I want to introduce some information. I have
      > collected this information from a famous meditation book. The book
      > represents a chart about human brain frequency wave, which is given
      > below;
      > Brain Wave Pattern Chart
      > Normal Frequency Length General Signs
      > External limited sentiency
      > Gamma Level
      > 27 Cycle and more
      > Not Fully Searched.
      > Anger & Exciting Position
      > Beta Level
      > 14 – 26 Cycle
      > Normal awaken, active, thinking, deep attention position
      > Eternal unlimited high sentiency
      > Alpha Level
      > 08 – 13 Cycle
      > Peaceful, relax mind. Meditative & cool Position. Hardly found in
      > below 10 aged.
      > Theta Level
      > 04 – 07 Cycle
      > About to sleep, High meditative level, Saints & ascetics move here
      > meditation.
      > Delta Level
      > 04 – 07 Cycle
      > Deep sleep, most deep meditative level, Saints & ascetics are fully
      > active in this position.
      > From the chart we come to know that, delta level is the most
      > powerful position, where sentience is available in deep sleep or
      > meditative level. We know insentient mind is very powerful & if we
      > are able to led or control the insentient mind by our active and
      > sentient position, then we will be the owners of deep power. The
      > Saints & ascetics do this for achieving power. In general and
      > available method we can go alpha level via beta level. And more
      > practice can help to go deep in alpha level, which is near to theta
      > level. But our average access is in the alpha level. And our all
      > activities about meditation move round this level. But when we
      > advance for theta level, means we begin to sleep, we lost our
      > sentient position. For this we can't enjoy theta level. There,
      > delta
      > level is very far of us. But it is only for general yoga. It may
      > be same for those, who practiced hard.
      > Therefore analyzing this, we can come to a point, it is easy
      > to go alpha level but it is very difficult to be in delta level via
      > theta level. And it takes hard, very hard practice and so much time
      > to go delta level.
      > Main theme...
      > I want to introduce an easy and fruitful way to go to delta
      > level. We know delta level means sentient or fully alert mind in
      > deep sleep. If we want to describe more easily, suppose you are in
      > deep sleep, you can feel every thing happening beside you in
      > your mind is fully as active as while you are not sleeping. It
      > very difficult to achieve this level, but proper instruction and
      > can make this way very easy.
      > I said delta level means fully active and alert mind in the
      > deep sleep. So deep sleep comes at first, then comes sentient mind.
      > For this, to go to delta level first we need deep sleep and then we
      > have to advance for alert and active mind.
      > How we can go...
      > If we want to advance for sentient mind in the deep sleep, we need
      > extra level, an active position just after the deep sleep where our
      > mind is active. And basing on this level we will take decision for
      > the next level. And after the deep sleep, our mind is active only
      > the dream. In the dream our feeling, thinking is active. We feel
      > sorrow while dreaming, it means our feeling is fully alive there.
      > if we are able to introduce the alert and active mind in the dream,
      > then what will happen? We are in deep sleep but our mind is
      > or alert and active.
      > For this we don't need any hard work. Because, every one of us
      > sleeps
      > average about 5-6 hours. So we are practicing the way for delta
      > more than 5 or 6 hours in one day. Its a great news for us.
      > we dream off and on during sleeping. According to natural
      > term we can't go without dream for a certain period. And the
      > average
      > number of dream for man in a month is about more than 10. If it is
      > true for most of us, We have another great news, we have completed
      > 90% preparation for going to delta level. In fact, we have
      > 90% of preparation beyond our sentient mind.
      > Now we have to complete an easy term. We just have to realize
      > that "we are dreaming" in the dream. When we will able to
      > remember
      > only the upper underlined line, our mind will be turned fully to an
      > alert and active position. It means we are in delta level. Because,
      > we are in deep sleep, but we know we are dreaming, every thing is
      > virtual. This is the position where ascetics and saints move.
      > Now a question may come, how can it possible to understand `we
      > are
      > dreaming' in the dream? It is known, most of our dreams come from
      > the
      > influence of our daily-life works. That we think normally is drawn
      > our dream. A common example will make every thing clear; students
      > dream exam related topics during their examination. Actually most
      > the students are in tension about their coming exam as a result
      > is great similarity between their dream. The most common dreams
      > students forget to bring their exam material such pens, papers
      > the question is fully unknown, tomorrow's exam is happening today
      > without any notice etc. Our normal thinking effects on our dream.
      > if we think, "we will say `I am dreaming' in the dream
      > today", then
      > within a few days we will be able to enjoy delta level, the deepest
      > level of meditation.
      > Its a very easy way to go to delta level. We can make the best use
      > our sleeping time. We don't need lonely environment in the deep
      > forest for going to deep level as like as saints. We are able to go
      > in delta level more easily and faster than the saints.
      > Advantages...
      > Delta level is the deepest level of meditation and it is the
      > level of huge power. Because, only in this level we can control our
      > insentient mind much. So we will see a reflection in reality, what
      > expect in this level. We can want the solution of any difficult
      > problem of our life. If we expect a solution here, the problem
      > certainly will solve or any way foe solution will be occurred that
      > will help the problem to be solved. The way is not very difficult
      > expect solution of a problem. We just have go to delta level and
      > think about the problem and say, "I want the solution of this
      > problem". Like this we can solve any kinds of problem.
      > Disadvantages...
      > Mainly advantages and disadvantages depend on user, how he is
      > using this. If we use anything in the right way there is lack of
      > chance to have any disadvantages. We must remember that there is no
      > unmixed blessing on earth from the God. I said, we must get a
      > reflection in the reality of our expectation in delta level. So we
      > must not expect anything that is impossible naturally. Suppose A
      > of 50, expecting to be a 20, going in delta level, is it possible
      > be 20 aged again? Question may come, why not possible? It was said
      > everything is possible in delta level, then why it is impossible?
      > is impossible in delta level, as it is impossible in nature. We
      > can't
      > evaluate anything beyond nature. But as it is said there must be a
      > reflection in reality, so if any one of 50 expects to be 20 again,
      > his mentality will change in such a manner that his feelings will
      > as like as a 20. It means though his a man of 50, his attitude,
      > mentality, thinking will down as a young of 20. If it happens,
      > naturally he will lose his normality. So we must have to careful
      > about our expectation.
      > How I'm aware of this theory...
      > It was in 1999, One night I was dreaming, some armed hijacker
      > was coming towards me and I was tried to flee away by heart and
      > but failed. My speed was not increasing anyhow, one the other hand
      > they were coming nearer to kill me. I was frightened with death.
      > Suddenly one of them staffed me...
      > Seeing this, I woke up. Till then I am frightened with fear.
      > I was wetted. This dream shocked me very much. I knew, dream is the
      > reflection of my daily life work and mentality. So the dream,
      > away by hijacker, representing my weak mentality and lack of brave
      > towards me. I understand, if this type of situation is occurred in
      > reality, as like as the dream I will flee away without having any
      > protest from me towards them. I see, I'm a coward.
      > I thought, whole matter is happening in the dream. And if I
      > protest in the dream, a reflection will fell on me. Moreover if
      > I'm
      > wounded to protest, no matter, because every thing is centered to
      > dream. From that days I'm trying to understand "I am
      > dreaming" in the
      > dream.
      > I have tried for a month but failed. I have failed to
      > realized `I am dreaming' in the dream. No how, I can alive
      > the
      > sentient mind in the dream. As I know, my day life attitude effects
      > on dream, I tried in another way. I'm recalling the line
      > "I'm
      > dreaming, everything happening in the dream." whole day in my
      > mind.
      > When I start for my college, I say, "I am starting for college in
      > the
      > dream". Actually I'm tried to influence my normal thinking
      > memorizing
      > the line to have an effect in the dream. And at last I recorded a
      > cassette containing my own voice, "I am dreaming... I am
      > dreaming...". By this term within a few days I am succeeded. I
      > enjoyed the delta level fully. It was one of the memorable days of
      > life. But till then I didn't know the actual value of that level.
      > The
      > platform of my dream changed at once according to my thinking at
      > time. Suppose I am taking tea in dream and I thought to go around a
      > river, in a very short time I discovered myself in the beach of a
      > river. Therefor I have succeeded to control the virtual life, by my
      > sentient mind.
      > By the by, I understand that this the deepest level of
      > meditation for which man tried heart and soul. I have solved some
      > personal problem coming here. The problem solved in such a manner,
      > which astonished me. I thanked the God who gave me such a power.
      > Mohammad Wahid Noman
      > 1st year, Computer Science & Engineering
      > Northern University, Bangladesh
      > Quantum Method Yoga Foundation Graduate No – 39/67
      > www.quantummethod.org
      > Contact:
      > 372, Shenpara Parbota
      > (Behind BRTA)
      > Flat No – 401
      > Dhaka – 1216
      > Bangladesh
      > Phone – 00-8802-80 54 8 23
      > Mobile - +880171467160
      > E-mail – reshad@d...
      > [Comment is expecting from YOGA foundation]
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