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10155Re: Meditation Tip #10

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  • Jeff Belyea
    Aug 6 9:07 AM
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      > I'd say No. We'll be living and experiencing a
      > higher level of consciousness (>200), and that's
      > a real evolution, and that's what we're here for
      > (as well as to enjoy the upcoming football season, of course:-)
      > Peace and blessings,
      > Bob

      Hi, Bob -

      I haven't spent any time
      checking out the map, but
      it is getting intriguing
      the more I read of it from
      you and Gene. Gene's analyses
      are so palatable. I'm cleaning
      my spoon.

      Your point of living and
      experiencing a higher level
      of consciousness is a neat

      The intellectual view (not
      to necessarily or unnecessarily
      disparage it) often attributes
      some sort of affect, or conscious
      decision to act or be a certain
      way. But the level of consciousness
      in which an effortless peace and
      contentment flow is not one that
      is "figured out", but rather one
      that "comes and get us", by
      means of a mystical or unique
      synapse event (for the physiologically
      bound) that turns on a previously
      unnoticed light and illuminates
      what was a dark hallway and
      invites us into a joyful dance
      hall filled with music and magic...
      so to speak.

      Enjoying the dance.

      Love, Jeff
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