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10153Re: Meditation Tip #10

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  • Jeff Belyea
    Aug 6, 2003
      > Where do those feelings of desire, hate and impatience go when they
      > are ousted by contendedness, love and patience? I suppose it's all in
      > how you look at it, but if we're still playing for points on the
      > karma scale, or the need to feel peace, love and happiness all the
      > time, time, time, then aren't we really still at square one?
      > It's like a civil uprising, let's say, a regime change: where does
      > that regime go when it is abruptly removed by another regime?
      > Underground, where it can plan the next uprising. An alternate is to
      > think of managing one's feelings as a supreme act of self-diplomacy.
      > I think the compassion Gene proposes is not the 'this for that'
      > compassion of supplanting uncomfortable feelings with comfy new ones,
      > but the compassion that sees those uncomfortable feelings for what
      > they are, and even, what positive contributions they make. Of course,
      > Gene is welcome to correct me on my assumptions.

      Hello, Nina -

      Bruce Morgen (who, of course,
      can speak for himself) puts
      this thought succinctly when
      he speaks of the inevitable
      return (rise) of the ego after
      the coup d'etat and whether
      it will return as slave or master.

      Best, Jeff

      > Nina
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