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10151Taking it with a grain

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  • Jeff Belyea
    Aug 6, 2003
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      This internet invites
      game players. Asking
      for help is a wonderful
      persona to present to
      the support-group mentality
      that entraps even the most
      erudite and well-read digital
      knowledge strutters.

      It can disarm hostility
      and even entice those
      who previously rated
      the now needy one as
      suspect, to show concern,
      care, compassion and
      over sugar cookies
      of well-meant advice. But...

      Observations from outside
      often contain a grain of
      truth, just enough to
      arrest the attention,
      like a grain of
      sand in your shoe.

      With sand you can just
      remove your shoe, turn
      it upside down, give it
      a tap and go on in

      But outside observations
      often come with appended
      legislations that may sinfully
      impale an impressionable bird
      who happens to be flying
      by (sin = missing
      the mark, bird = mind).

      Some thug yogi who happens'
      to gain hashish-induced
      clever insight can be duped
      (doped) into overblowing his own
      ability to discern the entire
      scope of the prevailing
      human condition in others.

      When he goes too far, much
      of his smoky wisdom looks pale
      and even silly in the morning

      Taking outside obsersations
      with a grain of salt,


      PS: Age has it rewards at times.