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  • preyong
    Aug 5, 2003
      ***Buddhology*** from laybuddhistmissionaries@yahoogroups.com
      ***The law of interdependent, synhronised and causal conditions***
      Whatever is conditioned is always exposed to what will de-condition=

      it, if the word may be permitted.
      If matters concerning consciousness has been correctly understood, =

      then all other matters will be easily understood.
      *** Paticcasamuppada (The Law of Dependent Origination)***
      1. There being Ignorance, there is volition.
      2. There being volition, there is consciousness(VINNANA).
      3. There being consciousness(VINNANA), there is Name-and-Form
      4.There being Name-and-Form, there is a Group of Six Senses.
      5.There being a Group of Six Senses, there is contact.
      6. There being contact, there is Sensation.
      7.There being Sensation, there is Craving.
      8. There being Craving, there is Attachment.
      9.There being Attachment, there is Properties or Qualities of
      10. There being Properties or Qualities of Name-and-Form , there is
      11. There being Birth, there are a train of Old age, Death, Grief ,
      Lamentation, Physical Suffering, Sorrow , Distress.
      In the point of fact, the above eleven formulas can be summed up in
      the two formulas , as follows :
      a) Where there is this, there is that..
      b) Where this is born, that is born.
      And this is what is implied by the term Paticcasamuppada : Law of
      Inter-dependent, Synchronised and Causal Conditions.
      ***Consciousness (VINNANA ) in Buddhism***
      In the relative world there is nothing that is not dependent on , or relate=
      to, anything at all.
      No thing is born of only one cause
      Inasmuch as the force that transforms the digested food into blood an=
      the blood into various parts of the body is Consciousness.
      ***Life exists with a Purpose***
      In order to understand the Law of Interdependent, synchronised and
      causal conditions better, it is advisable to start with the study of VINNAN=
      which is the source and foundation of everything. =

      VINNANA ( consciousness ) in the real Buddhist sense of the term is a
      kind of force or energy existing in human life which is, according to
      Buddhism, composed of six so-called elements viz. earth, water , fire,
      wind, air and VINNANA, the latter bring abstract element.
      ***Consciousness the Genesis of Body-and-Mind***
      From the Buddhist Doctrine, the Buddha was recorded as saying,
      "Referring to the fact, O Bhikkhus, that VINNANA is the genesis of
      name-and-form, what does VIÑÑANA mean? And what do nama (name)
      and rupa (form) mean?
      "The following six channels of Consciousness, O Bhikkhus, are what I=

      say is the genesis of name-and-form. They are : eye-consciousness, ear-
      consciousness, nose-consciousness, tongue-consciousness, body-
      consciousness and mind-consciousness".
      Feeling, perception, volition, contact , recording are among what I s=
      nama (name).
      The four great original forms i.e. elements o f earth , water, fire, =
      and the function and behaviour of organs and limbs in the body are what
      I say is rupa (form).
      "It is these nama (name) and rupa (form), O Bhikkhus, that I say are =

      born of VINNANA, having VINNANA as genesis. Without VIÑÑANA ,
      there cannot be these nama (name) and rupa (form) or body-and-mind.

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