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  • medit8ionsociety
    Aug 5, 2003
      "Gene Poole" <gene_poole@q...> wrote:
      > Habitual reference to external
      > 'authority' reveals an essentially
      > submissive personality.

      So submissive is 'bad'? Ok. So let's just
      forget about the "Thy will be done" stuff?
      > The flipside of submission is
      > domination; you are a nascent
      > dictator.

      Is a nascent dictator someone with
      BO giving dictation?
      > Realize there are no others
      > to give you advice, dominate
      > you, or for you to submit to.

      So you've never been married, eh?
      > Make your universe as you
      > wish it to be. If you have
      > compassion for yourself,
      > your universe will be lovely.

      So that's the formula. OK I'll
      take Hugh Hefner's life.
      > - Ma Hashish Thug Yogi

      LOL! And, admit it - this ain't from no Yogi.
      Fess up - it's from the from the (admitted)
      "Mr Big Meany Bad Guy Gene"
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