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10141Re: Meditation Tip #(waterg)8

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  • Nina
    Aug 4, 2003
      > > > Thanks, Mom.
      > > >
      > > > Love, Jeff
      > >
      > > Yo Mama, Jeff.
      > >
      > > Nina
      > Hey, Nina -
      > Even though I love this
      > lesson on respect, and may
      > have been your Mama back
      > in the Neolithic Age, I
      > prefer the moniker "Jeff"
      > or "Papajeff" to Mama Jeff.
      > But whatever makes you feel
      > secure and loved is fine
      > with me.
      > Best, Jeff

      Mama Mia, Jeff, do you know what you
      open yourself to when you tell -anyone-
      that "whatever makes you feel
      secure and loved is fine with me..."?
      You haven't surfed the fetish boards
      lately, have you?

      At any rate, I had a little trouble
      with the original meditation tip.

      > > > > Respect
      > > > > Buddhist concepts state that
      > > > > everyone you see was once your mother in
      > > > > another lifetime. Similarly, eventually
      > > > > everyone will Realize and attain Buddhahood.
      > > > > Therefore, respect is due to all.

      It reminds me a little of some standardized
      test I took somewhere, in which I was required
      to compare 5 groups of statement and rate them
      for logic. I'd say the group of statements
      regarding respect might rate pretty low as
      logic goes. I mean, how does it follow that
      just because someone is/was yo mama, that they
      are due respect? It might be a little easier
      to understand how a Buddha might be due respect,
      but only slightly. I mean, what's so 'therefore'
      about it?

      Also, does the author think that in
      this culture, that statement offers motivation?
      I mean, perhaps that group of statements would make more
      sense in a culture that doesn't have people paying
      hundreds of dollars to shrinks to help them
      differentiate from mommy dearest.

      I don't get it - is there some equivalency being
      made between motherhood and enlightenment? Because
      if this is so, I know a fast and fun route to
      enlightenment... at least for some of us.

      Sometimes, I think that if all
      the right words are included in a statement,
      all pretty and spiritual and all, the statement
      can get swallowed whole. No questions asked,
      just pass the next dish of tasty spiritual
      morsels, please.

      Don't get me wrong, I love my momma,
      bless her little heart, and Bob is keeping this
      list going with the tips, which are very serious,
      yet strangely humorous.

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