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1013Re: [Meditation Society of America] Digest Number 163

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  • Ramon Sender
    Sep 6, 2002
      > Message: 4
      > Date: Thu, 5 Sep 2002 07:42:00 -0600
      > From: "Brian Archer" <rbarcher@...>
      > Subject: Re: meditation in Schools
      > There is a case pending in neighboring Aspen, Colorado where they were trying to institute a yoga program in elementary schools. Certain members of the community felt that this was a direct violation of separation of church and state. I fear there may be similar repercussions with a meditation program. I'm thinking to some of the rancor I have heard and read over the past few years as to the moment of silence at the beginning of the school day.
      > > Thank you
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      > > Nancy

      Here's something I sent a second grade school in Florida, based on the Toaist
      Smile Down exercise.

      Hello, kids! What do I wish I had learned in the Second
      Grade? To smile at my insides! Here's the way to do it:
      Think of someone you really like, or somewhere you
      really like to be, or your very favorite food. Start to
      smile at it with your eyes, and then with your mouth. A
      big smile!
      Now smile down at your heart. Your wonderful heart
      has been beating for you day and night for so long, so
      now send it a smile message and tell your heart how
      much you appreciate what it does for you.
      Now send a smile to your lungs. Think "Hi lungs!
      Thanks for all the breathing! You're really cool!" You
      can also smile at all your other inside places. And
      smile at your feet - think of all the wonderful walking
      and running they do for you. And your knees -
      'Thanks, knees, for all the bending you do!"
      How about your ears? Touch your ears and smile at
      them too!
      And how about your teeth? Click your teeth and
      smile at them! And when you click your teeth, you can
      say 'hello' to all your bones because they sort of echo
      with the click!
      Smile at your tongue! Stick it all the way out and
      wiggle it around. Aren't tongues wonderful? Say 'La la
      la la la la la la la' good and loud.
      You can also smile at your eyes as they smile and then
      smile to the left and to the right, and up and down.
      You can smile back into your head, and then all the
      way down your backbone. Whee!
      Then, one, two, three -- "Smile at ALL of yourself and
      smile at the wonderful person WHO YOU REALLY ARE!"
      How about everyone else? Can you smile around at
      them too?