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  • Jason Fishman
    Jul 27, 2003
      --- texasbg2000 <Bigbobgraham@...> wrote:
      > --- In meditationsocietyofamerica@yahoogroups.com,
      > Jason Fishman
      > <munkiman4u@y...> wrote:
      > > You are the mechanism that perpetuates the human
      > > condition. Within such a condition is the presence
      > of
      > > a good and bad being, doing nice and not so nice
      > > actions to nice and not so nice others. It is not
      > your
      > > goal to please these others, these mechanisms that
      > > also are invovled with your perpetuation.
      > >
      > > Part of this understanding invovles relational
      > > understandings, such as Joe had a bad day and this
      > is
      > > why. The other part invovles being the other, the
      > one
      > > that requires a seperation from Joe, his bad day
      > and
      > > his why.
      > >
      > > As a memeber of such a perpetuation, the fruit is
      > > rarely in the outcome, but in the slant along the
      > > road. Those that strive to be a better human
      > > mechanism, through work choices, through
      > relationship
      > > choices, through monitary gains or through
      > spiritual
      > > endevours all follow along with this exact
      > program.
      > >
      > > Having the thought that YOU have the best job or
      > > relationship or the most money or the best whole
      > > hearted spirit, does not give a YOU an advantage
      > over
      > > the others that play by the same set of rules.
      > There
      > > is a point when THROUGH not only becomes the way,
      > but
      > > is the only way, which breaks down all rise and
      > fall
      > > of good and bad in which you only follow this
      > > perpetuation perfectly without effort. This
      > perfection
      > > gives up new ways to be of the rise and fall.
      > >
      > > Within this understanding of the process of the
      > > mechanism, every single veiwpoint comes into
      > focus,
      > > from the muderous villan to the saint, from the
      > Joe
      > > with a bad day to the Jane that is always happy go
      > > lucky. The rules never change, there is only a you
      > > that bends to fit into any catagory of the human
      > > mechanism.
      > >
      > > Peace and Love
      > Well said Jason. This brings the subject back to
      > the universal
      > level, where people are all the same. When I am
      > able to put myself
      > in the shoes of the other guy I understand my own
      > place a lot
      > better.
      > Another thought on this is that strong feelings of
      > anger or
      > inadequacy can be cyclic. Seeing the rhythms of
      > when we feel good or
      > bad can indicate a source. I think the source is
      > many times not what
      > we think it is. The mind has been shown to present
      > the wrong cause
      > when the real cause is uncomfortable to the self
      > image.
      > Patanjali mentions "covered ignorance" as ignorance
      > that hides
      > another type of ignorance.
      > Love
      > Bobby G.

      Thanks for this share Bobby. It seems that the human
      condition is ignorance supreme, which is the puresty
      birthright of this conditioning and independence from
      the other.

      There comes a point in which ignorance is broken
      through, inner and outer are no longer the factor for
      such thoughtless demands. As this moment comes forth,
      there is only a mirror of ones nature that shines
      among the masses of independence. At that point, there
      can no longer be ignorance of self, no flight to
      unification or any behavioral system in place
      anywhere. What is gravely understood, is fought at
      every corner from those that run to independence, to
      this birthright that has no basis within the human
      condition. To not give up this ghost, is ignorance

      Source at this point is also meaningless. To prescribe
      a source of infection is also to treat the disease of
      creation. What is also appearent is that there is no
      moving away or toward unity among independent beings.
      Meaning, the perpetuation of the whole is the move, of
      which no being throughout the entire exsistent plane
      of conditions is apart from, can reverse, manipulate
      or concur. A self fullfilling prophesy grandiose and
      one that waxes and wanes endlessly.

      There are a growing number of cultural beliefs that
      are essential to such a condition. The belief that
      strength is the understanding of death and the
      knowledge that a victim of fear is hardly an inoccent
      one. This non-ignorance brings peace and comfort to a
      culture of condtioned beings. Ahhh, someone that fully
      examplifies this may shine through eventually, Gandi
      was close and brought about such a movement.

      Some sunday morning thoughts.

      Peace and Love

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