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  • Graham
    Jul 22, 2003
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      To be honest, there is no real one point of stress. I despise
      hearing or seeing arguements... and most of the time, I try to break
      them up. Half the time it works. The other half of the time I just
      end up having to shut up and leave the people who are arguing alone.
      I am also stressed about getting a job. I have been trying for 1 and
      a half years and yet have had no luck. Most of the time I have been
      given the ring around, or just told the place did not need help at
      the time, but they will keep my name on file. Plus, my parents are
      becoming, a total annoying to the depths of hell stress problem. I
      cannot yell at them, or I will get in trouble. My mother seems to
      rely on me to do everything somedays. On the weekends sometimes my
      dad drinks a little too much and he becomes a major pain in the a$$.
      Most nights I have been quietly meditating in my room, and have
      always found some way to keep myself happy for the next day and so
      on and so on. Of course, I have just been bottling the stress away,
      not letting it really bother me. But as it seems with every emotion
      I try and bottle away, two nights ago it finally blew. Of course,
      this raises a question. Is it wise to bottle away emotions?

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      <no_reply@y...> wrote:
      > Dear Graham,
      > I guess that we can agree that you actually haven't "gotten over"
      > the stress issue if your mind keeps pulling you back to it. There
      > is a possibility that meditation (Raja Yoga) could be helpful to
      > you. It's all about taming the mind and having you be its master,
      > and not its slave. This does depend on the type of stress you have
      > been going through, but if you do feel that meditation could
      > you, I am confident that there are many knowledgeable and
      > compassionate people in this group who will be glad to give you
      > wise guidance. We are here to help.
      > Peace and blessings,
      > Bob
      > "Graham" <cool_55426@y...> wrote:
      > > I have just reacently gotten over a major stress issue... yet I
      > > contuine to find my mind drifting back to it. I don't really
      > > what to do, and have a small handful of people to talk to it
      > > Can anyone help me?
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