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1003Journal Entry-Eve September 4

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  • eveneon
    Sep 4, 2002
      Date: September 4
      Time: 8:10
      Duration: 35minutes
      Position: Sitting in chair, eyes closed, hands resting on knees,
      palms up
      Technique: Body and breath awareness
      Variation: Chanted OM silently

      My concentration was fairly good today. It didn't improve or get
      worse as my session progressed. Mind chatter was a little higher
      today, and about nothing in particular. I felt like I couldn't breath
      in as deep as I wanted to, like I couldn't quite fill my lungs
      completely with air. My body was a little stiff today. I didn't
      notice my emotions, so I guess I was calm. I felt relaxed afterward.
      Basically a "good" session.