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100Re: Question about Mantra

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  • medit8ionsociety
    Jan 3 7:52 AM
      Dear Hellman, Enlightenment comes from Grace.
      There is no sure-fire way to prepare for it. One person
      could say mantras for decades and live in the presence
      of an enlightened saint, and yet never attain the
      realization of enlightenment because they were so full of
      spiritual pride, while another could have led their life as
      a "sinner" and suddenly see the folly of their ways
      and attain the divine state that is our birthright.
      Mantra is a wonderful practice and has great potential,
      but intention is very important. If you just want to
      be able to say "I say my mantra for more hours a day
      than you do", the mantra will probably not be too
      helpful towards your spiritual growth. Similarly, every
      "real" teacher seems to have incredibly unevolved people
      around them. The thinking is that they are the ones who
      need the teacher the most. There have been many
      saints, like Swami Sivananda, and Sri Nisargadatta who
      only had very brief contact with their Guru's, and yet
      attained the highest states of Enlightenment. Their
      intention was selfless, pure, focused, and determined. To
      be sure, many, many people have chanted mantras and
      attained Enlightenment. Similarly, Swami Vivakananda had
      Enlightenment transmitted by his teacher's touch (Ramakrishna).
      But it still comes down to Grace. When the universe
      needs us to receive a mantra, or have a teacher, or
      attain Realization of Enlightenment, it will happen. And
      we will live happily ever after.
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