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Similarities between Jeff's ideology and Napolean Hill's ideology

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  • David
    Hello everyone, for those not familiar Napoleon Nill is the renowned author of the number one selling book on self help from the 1930 s named Think and Grow
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 3, 2009
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      Hello everyone, for those not familiar Napoleon Nill is the
      renowned author of the number one selling book on self help from the
      1930's named 'Think and Grow Rich'. I have recently been studying
      this book intensively and I find a surprising set of similarities
      between our friend Jeff Brook's ideology for attaining Jhana states
      and Napoleon Hill's ideology for attaining 'riches'.
      Note that Napoleon Hill is famous for his application of the term
      'riches' to monetary gain however if one actually reads the book he
      makes a strong emphasis on all of the qualities of life which make one
      emotionally wealthy. He speaks about good friendships and
      relationships, good health, a labor of love/profession of our choice
      and of monetary success all as examples of 'riches'. He says his
      method of maintaining a positive outlook applies to any and all areas
      of life that we wish to be successful in. I believe that Jeff Brook's
      method is one particular way to use Napoleon Hill's ideology for a
      particular purpose.

      Some Similarities:

      Napoleon Hill states that one must have a specific goal in mind in
      order to reach the goal; Jeff Brook's has stated similarly that lay
      people pursuing meditation must learn that spirituality is not an
      endless repetition of actions without purpose.

      Napolean Hill has stated that as long as we believe a goal is
      impossible to achieve we will never be able to reach it. Many
      Buddhists believe enlightenment is not achievable in this lifetime but
      takes many reincarnations, and Jeff argues that many of them never can
      reach it or even Jhana states. However Jeff believes that it not
      impossible to reach this goal(enlightenment) and is doable in this

      Napolean Hill says that as long as we do not get emotionally
      involved in our desire to reach our goal we will never reach it. Jeff
      says that we should treat each Jhana experience endearingly and as if
      it was the presence of the divine itself.

      Napolean Hill says that if we focus on the negatives such as 'why am
      I suffering, or why can't I reach Jhana' then we are just creating
      more suffering and more obstacles to reaching the absorption states.
      Jeff has written similarly that we should embrace the positive aspects
      of meditation, particularly when overwhelmed by the dark night of the
      soul and continue to suffuse ourselves with positive states rather
      than dwell on our psychological problems.

      As I see it right now, the same seemingly supernatural method that
      by some strange means allows people to achieve meditation states works
      in many areas of life. I will be continuing to test the combination
      of Jeff Brook's and Napoleon Hill's theory out over the next few years
      and will post when I have more definitive details, however, I believe
      that the 60% raise I got in going from my previous job to my current
      one, as well as going from an office filled with cutthroat people who
      one which is plesant and filled with morally good people, even to the
      point that I can discuss Jhana and meditation with them, is a sign
      that this mind technique probably is real.
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