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Re: Looking for a book review

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  • windsingersmoon
    A quick question,........ What did you hope to learn about the book when you asked for a review ? Noticeing Master William s reply and others, since your
    Message 1 of 14 , Dec 31, 2007
      A quick question,........

      What did you hope to learn about the book when you asked for
      a 'review' ? Noticeing Master William's reply and others, since
      your question,.....I may have mis-understood what you wanted to know
      about it.

      In order to give you a better 'review' I'd have to go retrieve it
      from my shop and that's a hike through the woods.

      It's been a busy last 4 or 5 years for us,...trying to rescue what
      we've been able to rescue from our old house (where the roof gave)
      and get a new home built,...so I confess,....my woodcarving and
      research time has had to take a back seat to other priorities,...i.e
      survival and rescue.
      (But I saved most of my woodworking books (not all,...and water got
      into the huge bin my 100 Plus Viking books were stored,...and I lost
      about half of those,....most of my best woodworking books were saved
      and dry,....includeing the Earwood book,........the last several
      years have proved both trying and interesting....)

      --- In medievalsawdust@yahoogroups.com, Conal O'hAirt Jim Hart
      <baronconal@...> wrote:
      > Anyone know anything about this book?
      > Domestic Wooden Artifacts
      > by Caroline Earwood
      > Radiocarbon dating has made possible a
      > chronology for the hundreds of previously undated wooden artefacts
      > found during the drainage works and peat diggings in 19th and 20th
      > century Ireland and Scotland. Using these results this book is able
      > analyse the developments in manufacturing methods of domestic wooden
      > artefacts in Britain and Ireland from the Neolithic to the end of
      > first millennium AD. The distribution of artefacts - chronologically
      > and geographically - and the organisation of manufacture and the
      > cultural context are analysed and discussed, and comparison with
      > European types made. The relationships between function, style and
      > value of wooden artefacts and those made of metal, pottery and stone
      > are also examined. `One of the most refreshing and stimulating
      > books on British archaeology' - Current Archaeolgy. 300p with 136
      figs & illus. (Exeter UP 1993)
      > Baron Conal O'hAirt / Jim Hart
      > Aude Aliquid Dignum
      > 'Dare Something Worthy'
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