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RE: [MedievalSawdust] Cart deck thickness question

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  • Tracy Swanson
    There is a period looking alternative (being a magician, I shouldn t be telling you this...). Use the plywood, bostic birch if you want something really smooth
    Message 1 of 5 , Jul 20, 2007
      There is a period looking alternative (being a magician, I shouldn't be telling you this...). Use the plywood, bostic birch if you want something really smooth and nice, and draw lines down the length of the ply, with the grain, about every 6" - 8". Break out the V tool from your carving set and cut the lines, one layer deep. What you are doing is simulating the look of planking, the V cuts being representative of the seams between the boards. This is most effective when stained dark, for the lines look as though they go through.
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      If it's purpose is to carry a child, and it won't get painted or sprayed
      with some form of a sealer, then use a much better grade of plywood or
      expect to encounter the joy that is removing splinters from a rightfully
      screaming child.

      If you aren't willing to scrape your own face (or other sensitive parts)
      back and forth on what you build, don't put your child into it :)

      For something that size, you can get a nice quality birch plywood from
      HD/Lowes that should do you well. As for finish, you could always prime
      it and paint it as you are building it or at least give it a spray of a

      As for your original question, I have some Ikea tool boxes that are made
      with a 1/4" or 3/8" thick multi-layer baltic birch plywood walls and a
      1/8" thick base plate. I regularly toss 50-90 lbs into it. Granted it's
      circa 14x14x22. High quality baltic birch and marine grade plywoods are
      significantly stronger than the construction stuff they sell. And it is
      much more stable.

      One recurring set of advice (often following a lamentation) we see on
      this list over and over again is to look at the quality of the materials
      and often quality doesn't cost that much more than the alternatives and
      often costs less.


      Rebekah d'Avignon wrote:
      > Marine plywood, even pressure treated plywood, is going to be expensive.
      > Might I suggest CDX (one side grade C the other grade D, the whole sheet
      > eXterior grade) plywood well coated with WeatherScreen Wood
      > Preservative. This comes in 19/32" and 23/32" or just over 1/2" and just
      > under 3/4". Some people have reported problems with warping when using
      > Thompson's Sealer. Just a thought.
      > */Andrew Lowry <alowry2002@yahoo. com>/* wrote:
      > Greetings,
      > I am making a two wheeled cart for Pennsic. The plans call for 1
      > inch (nominal 3/4 inch) thick boards. I am substituting plywood for
      > the deck to ease construction. Could I get away with 1/2 inch ply
      > or should I go with 3/4 inch ply? I am considering this to reduce
      > weight.
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