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The Wychurst Anglo-Saxon Hall Erection Project continues August 2003

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  • rmhowe
    Photos of the recent continuation of work on Regia Anglorum s Wychurst Hall in England: http://community.webshots.com/user/militesdelindessig The roof framing
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 25 5:27 PM
      Photos of the recent continuation of work on Regia Anglorum's
      Wychurst Hall in England:
      The roof framing is being made and wall supports are going up.
      Mud is being mixed for the eventual wattle and daub walling.
      There is a pottery furnace already on site. Also a garden
      or two with wicker woven fences.

      The Wychurst introduction page: http://www.wychurst.org/ 7/03
      Wychurst is near Wildwood Wildlife Park between
      Herne Bay and Canterbury in England.
      This is is right next to a Scout Camp.
      Does this sound close to ideal or what?
      Well I suppose there should be a river or coast
      fronting it. ;) One does what one can afford to.
      Many of your European ancestors probably lived in, or near,
      such a site at some time during the Dark Ages or
      early medieval period.

      As Regia members do hundreds of school demonstrations yearly
      throughout England and Scotland this should turn into
      something grand for kids to visit. Learning their country's
      history is a required part of British school regimen.
      There has been an explosion of both books and reenactment
      groups around the world concerned with the Ancient,
      Medieval, and Renaissance periods in the last few decades.

      Regia Anglorum members use authentic costume, armor and
      dulled steel weapons. Their kit's time period changes
      according to the sites they hold events on or participate
      in Living History events with multiple other groups, of
      which they are consistently judged one of the most authentic
      to their time period. They are regularly involved in
      historical film projects for a fee and they own several
      ships and boats of the period.

      A couple of the Regia group leaders have been imported to
      attend the SCA's Pennsic Wars. The North American members
      try to meet at Pennsic and want to hold fighter practices
      near there (dulled steel weapons and all). The North
      American Regia branch started at Pennsic three years ago.

      For more information about Regia: http://www.regia.org/
      There are a lot of interesting articles there.

      The North American Branch has members already
      in a number of states and Canada. Regia has actual
      authenticity officers, and at least one archaeologist,
      and several authors of period books and site reports.
      The peoples covered within Regia's membership are the
      Vikings, Cymru [Welsh], later Anglo-Saxons, Scots, and Normans.

      There is a North American list available for interested
      people. You -do not have to be- a Regia member to be on it
      like you do the main European Regia list.

      Becoming a Regia member is less expensive membership-wise
      than also being an SCA member. Their quarterly goes with
      membership as opposed to now paying extra for it like
      Tournaments Illuminated now. *You can do both you know.*
      However you can learn a lot from the NA elist.
      Once you are a North American Regia MEMBER there are
      three more lists including the British one. [The other
      two are for administrative uses of the North American group.]

      The SCA members I know on the NA Regia list and the
      European Regia members get along very well, and many
      of the SCA members are well versed in many period
      subjects as are the Regia members in Europe. Many of
      the principal Regia members are on the NA list.
      We learn from each other. As there are far more SCA in the
      world and many of the more early period active members
      participate in discussions with Regia both sides learn.

      The SCA has more article writers and researchers, largely
      because of the relative scale of the SCA's approximately
      75,000 (including non-membership paying participants)
      compared to about 800 Regia members who must be paid up.
      But they live surrounded by artefacts, flora and fauna
      of their past which those of us in North America have
      little access to.

      If the North American Regia list interests you get in
      touch with Tom Sweeting. tgs@...
      Tom has the Impedimenta booth at Pennsic.

      Older Wychurst work sessions, film shootings, and demos at:
      You can also see shots of other period long halls here.
      Kim Siddorn, the head of Regia, is unmistakable with
      the big white beard and long hair. What Santa does in
      his off-season. :) [I may get killed for that one.]

      Another site where there are images of the progress
      of the project at Wychurst can be seen at:
      http://www.geocities.com/aelfgarmedwaeg 5/03

      It should be noted that Regia is accomplishing all this
      with a fraction of the people that most SCA Kingdoms,
      and some of the larger baronies have. They are spread
      all over Great Britain as well. Eventually
      they hope to erect a Viking style hall in the north
      of Great Britain as well. The Anglo-Saxon one is
      approximately styled to 1000 AD. You may notice that
      it is a fortified site and they are already planting
      period gardens. Doing something like this is not only
      a neat period thing to do, it's creating living history
      and leaving a legacy to pass on when we are gone for
      succeeding generations to use and see.

      As the SCA grows in membership, larger sized event
      sites are going to get harder to find and cost more.
      We will be, and are, competing with other groups to
      rent them. Locally we have to schedule a year ahead.

      It would not be unreasonable to do much the same
      thing as to buying land and erecting buildings
      in various large kingdoms and baronies within the SCA.

      I have heard of a Kingdom site fund in the West Kingdom,
      and that an SCA affiliated group near Denver has been holding
      weekly Bingo Sessions for the last five years to buy
      one privately and almost has the money. If you build it
      they will come, and you could have regular workshops for
      many things there and rent it out for weddings, other
      civil groups events, etc. It makes sense to pay yourselves
      those large amounts for site rentals and have the necessary
      materials for your own events always on your own site
      whose schedule you manage.

      Heck, throw your own Medieval and Renaissance Faires.
      We have three in North Carolina and the biggest runs
      eight weekends. Not as big as some SCA wars but money
      is where you find it...

      Have you ever considered how much money the larger SCA
      wars take in? This year Pennsic was 12,300 people or
      more, each paying at least $70 to get on site and a
      lot more to camp longer periods. Sure, services cost
      money such as trash pickup, security, and portajohns.

      As many of the different states' school years get longer
      fewer families can travel to Pennsic, and many large
      ones probably cannot afford to at all. When I first went
      to Pennsic 19 years ago there were three battlefields and
      the woods. Now there is part of the woods and one large
      battlefield left. It's a half mile or more to your car's
      parking lot. ;) I've been to Pennsic four times myself.
      Pennsic has nearly quadrupled in 19 years in attendance,
      and meanwhile there are more regional wars like Lillies
      and the Gulf Wars. Estrella was already being held.

      The SCA has a broad cross-section of the educated
      people in the world and a lot of professional soldiers
      and their families. Surely doing similar things would
      not be unreasonable. Good investments these days are
      hard to find and the money markets pay 2%. Meanwhile
      loans have rarely been lower. The price of real estate
      will go up. That is a limited commodity in demand in
      most areas.

      By comparison our own home has appreciated about 70%
      in the last 13 years in valuation. Barring catastrophe
      how could you lose if you intend to keep living in the
      area? [Assuming you might live that long.]

      I would not advocate that The SCA, Inc. own and run the
      event sites. I am recommending that individuals come
      together to incorporate and accomplish something
      truly grand.

      Master Magnus, OL, Barony of Windmasters' Hill [SCA],
      Regia Anglorum, Manx, Great Dark Horde
      *** Please do not pass this onto a usenet newsgroup.
      Your local kingdom, barony, or shire elist is fine.
      [I don't need the spam generated by places like
      rec.org.sca or the arguments on them. Spam robots
      regularly strip the addresses on usenet newsgroups.]
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