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Fw: A Pennsic Story

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  • Caley Woulfe
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 8, 2003
      > I happen to know Master Iolo. I smell something rotten going on. I
      > think I'm done with Pennsic too. Feel free to forward to Tavern Yard
      > and any other list you wish.
      > Mistress Damaris
      > David Biggs wrote:
      > I would like this story posted on every SCA list you guys can possibly
      > find. If that's not something you're comfortable doing, that's fine, but
      > this needs to be known.
      > [David Biggs]
      > So here's a Pennsic story:
      > Master Iolo Fitzowen, the newest Lion of Ansteorra, who has sold
      > crossbows at the Pennsic war for 17 years, sets up a canvas backstop so
      > that his customers can test fire his bows with SCA-legal boffer arrows.
      > He has done this every year that he has been at that or any other war.
      > Every day all day boffer arrows hit the canvas and drop harmlessly to
      > the ground.
      > This year, on Thurday, Cindy Cooper walked up with a Marshal in tow and
      > told him that what he was doing is against the rules.
      > Iolo replied "Oh. Well I've been doing it for 17 years."
      > Cindy said "Yes, well I've suspected that you've been doing it, but I've
      > never actually caught you at it."
      > Well it was pretty incredible that not only did she happen to "catch"
      > him doing it, this time, after somehow missing it for 17 years, but she
      > already had the paperwork filled out (with the marshal's approval) to
      > throw Iolo off the site.
      > Iolo said "I had no idea this was a problem. We can just stop doing it,
      > all you had to do is ask."
      > Cindy said "No, you're out of here. Clear out tonight."
      > In case anyone doesn't know Iolo, making and selling these crossbows is
      > how he makes a living. He gets fully 1/4 of his business at and because
      > of Pennsic.
      > So Iolo is driving the 24 hours home to Texas rigtht now, without even
      > so much as a partial refund. He's bringing home several finished
      > crossbows, if any would like to buy one. If you were thinking of odering
      > a crossbow from him soon-ish, now would be a good time.
      > Epilogue:
      > Don't look for Iolo at Pennsic war again. He won't be going back. Come
      > to think of it, you probably won't be seeing me there, either. If you
      > want to see New World Arbalest, consider going to Lillies War or Gulf
      > War. That's probably where you'll find him.
      > Don Aeron Harper
      > --
      > Hell is too hot. Heaven is full of religious people. That's supposed
      > to be a choice?
    • Rob Hicks
      Greetings all, I m looking to start my apprenticeship by creating small to medium jewelery boxes. Something that can be made basic and plain to start, but
      Message 2 of 2 , Aug 18, 2003
        Greetings all,

        I'm looking to start my apprenticeship by creating
        small to medium jewelery boxes. Something that can be
        made basic and plain to start, but that can get rather
        ornate and fancy over time.

        Any ideas?

        Dunstan Bramblette,
        Apprentice to Wood Laurel Hal Raeburn

        P.S. The tag is merely an introduction and will not be
        given each and every time I write something.

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