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  • rmhowe
    ***I routinely mention the Armouries publications from time to time. Please do not forward to a usenet newsgroup. This is a service not a reason for
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 2, 2003
      ***I routinely mention the Armouries publications
      from time to time. Please do not forward to a
      usenet newsgroup. This is a service not a reason
      for aggravation.*** Cut and paste if you wish
      to do that. Leave me out of it. This does not
      apply to your local shire/barony/kingdom/group
      elist or friends. Feel free to repost there.

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      Subject: Medieval History
      Date: Thu, 31 Jul 2003 13:43:37 +0100
      From: Debbie Wurr <Debbie.Wurr@...>
      To: Magnus

      Some details of our new magazine.

      Medieval History Magazine
      The first magazine dedicated to the Medieval Era
      Published by Harnois and Royal Armouries
      First issue 21 August 2003

      Medieval History Magazine Subscriptions
      16 The Bardfield Centre
      Great Bardfield
      CM7 4SL
      T: 01371 811299
      F: 01371 811283
      E: sales@...

      UK rate £35 (12 issues) - normally £43
      Other country rates are available on application

      Many thanks
      This is in cooperation with the French medieval
      magazine that has been out for years now.
      I have posted about that one before.
      For those of you who like armour, siege engines
      and stuff the Armouries also have their annual
      volumes that comprise many subjects each.

      There are early firearms, making and firing
      replicas of early cannon, armor and weapons
      from many countries, etc. There are more chapters
      in each one than are on the website. Do not think
      that listing is all inclusive. It isn't at all.
      I have bought all the annuals and am quite pleased
      with them.

      An example:
      Royal Armouries Yearbook Volume 2 1997 has articles on
      reconstructing the Sardis Helmet, British Iron Age mail,
      and how to make a hardened leather helmet/armour. This
      involves heavily Oak Tanned leather from one of the few
      English Tanneries still doing the medieval method of
      tanning. The helmet is two piece, an inner crown and an
      outer shell with flared neck guard. Reminds me of an
      archer's helmet. stretched and dried on wooden formers.
      Stapled, dried, rewet, hammered a bit, heated with air
      guns. Very nice results. Also a really good article
      on crossbows including detailed views of Norwegian
      Whaling crossbows. There are many more chapters on
      other things.

      Volume 6 has a history of the crossbow from the
      9th century on in Britain. Also pyrotechnic devices
      from Coburg Castle. Good and Bold: A Late 15th Century
      Artillery Train; Casting and Firing a Mary Rose Culverin;
      The Bowman's Thumb-ring; Organizing a Club Tourney -
      literally clubs like they did in medieval tournaments.

      I don't have all the contents for every one in my
      computer for citation. You'll have to get an idea of
      what's in them from the listing on the website.

      They also offer a number of independant books
      they publish on multiple subjects.
      The Medieval Armour from Rhodes, Great Springalds
      or Siege Engines, Royal Armouries Museum £2.95;
      Royal Armouries Tower of London £2.95;
      Royal Armouries Fort Nelson £2.95; etc.

      Some of this year's new books are:

      Royal Armouries Yearbook 7; 2002, available Apr. 2003.
      Paperback 4to. £17.50 plus postage.
      An Introduction to Japanese Armour by Ian Bottomley,
      Senior Curator, Oriental Arms and Armour, Royal Armouries.
      2002, Royal Armouries, ISBN 0948092513, 245 x 210 mm.
      32 pages, colour illustrations throughout. paperback,

      While small this has an exceptional discussion of the
      making of lamellae scales and plates of laquered
      rawhide and iron individually. The pictures are in
      color mostly, if not all, and I highly recommend it.
      I had not imagined the rawhide scales are quite as
      common as they apparently are. This should be of interest
      to many folks.
      The Armour and Arms of Henry VIII by Thom Richardson; 2002.
      ISBN 0948092491, 245 x 210 mm. 48 pp. Colour illustrations
      throughout. PB. £4.95. NASA examined the foot combat
      armor. There are articulated lames in the nether regions.
      Protected from everything but halitosis and heat prostration.
      Royal Armouries Publications, Armouries Drive, Leeds,
      LS10 1LT, UK
      Fax +44 113 220 1955

      Look at all the publications. They are quite good.
      Master Magnus Malleus, OL, GDH, Manx, Regia.org
      © 2003 R.M. Howe
      *No reposting my writings to usenet newsgroups, especially
      rec.org.sca, or the SCA-Universitas elist. I view this
      as violating copyright restrictions. As long as it's to
      reenactor or SCA -closed- subscriber based email lists
      or individuals I don't mind. It's meant to help people
      without aggravating me.* Inclusion, in the
      http://www.Florilegium.org, Atenveldt MoAS, or
      Regia's Chronicle as always is permitted.
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