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  • Schuster, Robert L.
    damn you and your biblios Magnus now i have to head to the library again;) Halvgrimr keep um coming ol boy;) ... From: rmhowe [mailto:MMagnusM@bellsouth.net]
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      damn you and your biblios Magnus
      now i have to head to the library again;)

      keep um coming ol boy;)

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      Assuming you want to learn a bit about shields:

      The three sources in English on Anglo-Saxon Shields [and one
      should remember that the Vikings had a substantial amount of
      land area for the last two centuries or so of Saxon rule} are:

      THE ANGLO-SAXON SHIELD by I.P. Stephenson. Describes the
      construction, decoration, and use of these shields and their
      place in the art of warfare as practiced in Anglo-Saxon times.
      60 illustrations. 2002: 160 pages, softcover. (Tempus) 6XWK
      Price: $29.99 7/15/03 Scholars Bookshelf http://www.scholarsbookshelf.com/
      This also covers a lot of previous material. I've been reading
      it from time to time, and it is very good. Shields of other
      provenances from Roman to Valsgarde/Vendel (Sutton Hoo),
      to Picts are discussed. Many of them were faced with leather
      both sides. One is depicted with the overlaps tacked down in
      a series of overlapping arcs on the back.

      Dickinson, Tania, and Heinrick Harke: Early Anglo-Saxon Shields;
      Archaeologia, volume 110, 1992/3, Society of Antiquaries of
      London, Burlington House, Picadilly, London H1V 0HS,
      ISBN 0854312609, 94 pages, Hardback. Was selling in the mid
      twenties from Oxbowbooks.com or David Brown Book Company.

      Drummond, James: Highland Targets and Other Shields;
      70pp. pb. "Full color, heavy paper reprint of the 1873
      edition (which was issued in a limited run of just 50),
      with additional material by Drummond on shields. Many
      of you are familiar with Drummond's work on Ancient
      Scottish Weapons; this is an additional, little known
      work which concentrates upon the targets and other
      shields used in the Highlands, with illustrations and
      text on them. Such information always is difficult to
      locate, and this invaluable study shows numerous shields
      and their designs in great detail."
      SP-197. $24.95 plus shipping from
      http://www.scotpress.com/ 2/02
      Covers from Bronze Age metal to leather molded to
      mostly later period survivals. Very good book.

      Bruce-Mitford, Rupert: The Sutton Hoo Ship Burial Vol. II.
      Bruce-Mitford, R.L.S.: The Sutton Hoo Ship Burial,
      The rich tomb of a seventh-century Anglo-Saxon king has
      yielded an archaeological treasure that illuminates an
      obscure period in the history of the English people;
      in Scientific American magazine, April 1951; Cover
      (in color of front of shield), pages 24-30 with 12 b&w
      photographs of the excavation in progress and the
      individual treasures.
      "the helmet, shield and sword very probably were from the
      Baltic coast of Sweden....at least no eveidence of it has
      been found anywhere except in Sweden and at Sutton Hoo."
      "it may well be that analysis of all the factors will ultimately
      establish that the royal house of East Anglia (the Wulffinges,
      as they were called) were of Swedish origin."

      Siddorn, J. Kim: Viking Weapons and Warfare; Tempus
      Publishing Ltd, The Mill, Brimscombe Port, Stroud, GL5 2QG.
      FP2000 UK, lSBN 0752414194, 160 pages, 88 line drawings,
      31 colour plates, in English. UK, £15.99 USA, $26.99

      And then you get into bosses:

      Evison, Vera: Sugar Loaf Shield Bosses, Antiquaries
      Journal 43, 1963; 59pp, 40figs, pp. 38-96 and 40
      figures - usually depicting multiple drawn objects,
      maps of provenance, 88 shield bosses of varying shapes,
      some shield struts, reconstruction of shield from Thetford,
      Norfolk; sword from Boar’s Lowe, Tissington, Derbyshire;
      shield grips, spear heads and a ferrule, pans similar to
      bosses, Bronze garnet inlaid pyramid, knife blades, two
      glass cups and a glass vessel, belt buckles, silver rims
      for the Alton coopered wooden drinking vessels,
      the Alton Buckle, iron clips, a purse mount, comb, bone
      strip holed at the ends, one shear blade, gold filigree
      open work brooch with garnets, pot, glass counters, seax
      (sax) pommel.

      Evison, V: Anglo-Saxon Finds near Rainham, Essex, with a
      Study of Glass Drinking-horns; Archaeologia 96, 1955.
      38pp, 12figs, 11b/w pls, pp. 159-98 and plates LIX-LXX,
      last plate is the Torrs Chamfrein which uses drinking
      horn ends as horns. A-S Square-headed brooch, glass whorls,
      girdle hanger, coopered bronze-bound drinking vessels,
      diagrams of pattern welded swords, shield bosses, pottery
      cups (4), spearheads, round mouthed pitchers, pots,
      gold pendant, 36 views of mostly different drinking horns.


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