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Re: [MedievalSawdust] Feast box plans/ideas

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  • julian wilson
    George, the answer really depends on what use you intend for your Feast Box chest coffer? Some SCAdians simply use one painted with period
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       the answer really depends on what use you intend for your Feast Box'chest'coffer?
      Some SCAdians simply use one painted with period designs/pictures/their own Heraldry - to keep their personal "feastgear" in, to tranport, and to carry to Feast Halls at events.
      Others who "travel "heavy" to all the major US Events, - build what are really cupboards - to contain not only their own "feastware", - but also their cooking vessels, utensils, spices, condiments, and other edible staples.
      I have seen online pictures of several excellent designs for the latter, use - well crafted, and brightly decorated with medieval themes.
      Let me know which use you intend, and I'll do my best to direct you to a few pictures saved in my extensive Internet Files.
      Matthew Baker,
      dwelling in "old" Jersey

      George <goakes@...> wrote:
      I would like to build a wooden box for feast items. Any ideas or plans
      available anywhere? Pictures wood be nice too?


    • windsingersmoon
      Okay, Chris. I m here. I just wanna re-inforce what Chris has said........what we call Basswood here, they call Limewood in GB. It s basically the same
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        Okay, Chris.
        I'm here.

        I just wanna re-inforce what Chris has said........what we
        call 'Basswood' here, they call 'Limewood' in GB.

        It's basically the same tree, just a different name, growing in a
        different place.

        What WE call Sycamore, They call 'Lace wood' (look at the pretty lacy
        patterns on a face of wood from our Sycamore, and you'll understand

        What THEY call 'Sycamore' We call Maple.

        Quite frankly, 'Lime' or 'Bass' makes no logical sense on the first
        one, since there seems no reason to call it either.

        Folk here in the States make Basswood sound like a dirty word, if
        they're a woodworker......as if it's not a 'real' wood (frankly, it's
        the same way I speak of Balsa wood, that disgusting stuff used for
        model airplanes,....but it works good for that....)

        Basswood is Great stuff !!!
        Yeah, it's softer than maple (heck, Most woods I carve with,
        are 'softer than maple, even my beloved Black walnut and Cherry
        wood....I don't care what the charts may say,......I flatly refuse to
        Ever carve on another piece of Maple wood, if I can help it, for the
        rest of my life,.......she says, as 4 pieces of maple await the
        carver's knife downstairs,......sorry,......it can't be helped, it
        was all I had to use for a special commission that would do what
        needed doing,.....doesn't mean I'm going to enjoy it,.....in fact, if
        it can't be done, I'm giving them their money back, rather than
        endure the aggrivation of trying to do the job.......
        Shara, aka Asa of the Wood

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        > Basswood is period for GB. Just call it Lime. Same Same.
        > http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tilia
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