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Re: first Bog Chair - timber types and dimensions

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  • julian wilson
    Rebekah d Avignon wrote: Don t know about Bog chairs, but I ve used 1 x 12 pine for bookcases with no problems yet. A lot depends
    Message 1 of 7 , Mar 17, 2007
      Rebekah d'Avignon <rebekahdavignon@...> wrote:
      Don't know about Bog chairs, but I've used 1 x 12 pine for bookcases with no problems yet. A lot depends not only on the weight, but the span. For books the longest unsupported span is about 32". If I was considering an entertainment center with an older tube tv (and I am), I would think about some type of cross-brace in the center. Just a thought.
      I was taught that, for "library" shelves, one should calculate for a minimum of 11lbs weight per foot run of shelf to carry 9.5" x 6.5" format books., and size the timber thickness accordingly. 
      1" [nominal] x 8"/9" (nominal) over a 32" span will just-about do it spaced to carry 9.5" x 6.5" format books. For larger formats - say 10" x 12" - I routinely use 1.25" x 12" (nominal) knot-free pine. Or high-grade multi-Ply, edged.
      I haven't had any of my Customers complain this wasn't working, -  over a near-40-year period.
      What I'd use for a "star-gazer chair" - if a Customer asked for one and I couldn't convince  them to choose another design, instead, - I don't know. It's a non-SCA-period and "yukky" design, and there are flat-pack designs out there with a far-more "period" feel to them. Glastonbury chairs are nice, and not too complex to make. Savonarola chairs need a lot of prep-work to get all the jigs and dimensions right, - and I wouldn't do all that just to make one. A short production run for 4 or more units would make it worthwhile, though.
      But if I really needed to make a "stargazer chair", then I'd probably use 1.25" (actual) thick Ash or White Oak, Certainly not the quality of Pine I can buy off-the-shelf at my local [and only] Island Timber Supplier.
      For an entertainment centre, I'd look carefully at the TV-weight, and the width of the sub-units - video, satellite box, dvd player, &c, that one might wish to place underneath the TV, and set my load-bearing uprights as close as possible to each-other within the "carcass", allowing only just-enough clearance to slip the sub-units into place. Always assuming, of course, that my Customer couldn't afford a light-weight Plasma widescreen TV.
      isolated in "old" Jersey.

    • Bill McNutt
      He’s right; pine and poplar are both soft woods. (You’ll notice that I don’t say “softwoods.”) They’re not strong enough to hold someone your
      Message 2 of 7 , Mar 19, 2007

        He’s right; pine and poplar are both soft woods.  (You’ll notice that I don’t say “softwoods.”)  They’re not strong enough to hold someone your size in a Bog Chair.  In pine you will need between 1 & ½” and 2” thick.  Poplar might


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        I would suggest using 2" material rather than 1". The thinner material
        just can't handle the stresses in that design.  I’ve had success with 1 & ¼” wood using north American white oak.

        So either go with thicker wood or a hardwood like oak or ash.



        On Fri, 16 Mar 2007, Crimthann wrote:

        > So my very first woodworking project for the SCA was a personal Bog
        > Chair/Stargazer chair. I know, not really period. With the first one
        > in splinters under me I soon realized that (1" x 10") pine boards
        > wouldn't even support even my lithe 180 lbs frame. Next I tried Poplar
        > wood. That lasted about 3 or 4 tries before collapsing. What, dear
        > folk, am I doing wrong?

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