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Re: [MedievalSawdust] Yet another dangerous website

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    Bruges is a really lovely city. It s been called the Venice of the North because of it s canals. My understanding is that Bruges (in Belgium now) was a
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      Bruges is a really lovely city. It's been called "the Venice of the North" because of it's canals.
      My understanding is that Bruges (in Belgium now) was a thriving center for linen fold panels. It was (among other cities) very well known for the work...perhaps a part of the whole Flanders\low countries linen economy. So I think that Charles is right that they do mean to indicate the city of origin.
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      Actually, I think Bruges is in Belgium (which was once Flanders). <grin>  My guess would be that the one armoire labeled from Bruges was actually marked in some way, as there were other items on that page that were Flemish, but not specifically from a city.
      Just my 2 cents worth <grin>.
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      A style of linenfold furniture made in Bruges, France... best as I can tell...  I don't think it’s a situation where the linenfold is specifically unique in style to any other linenfold embellishment but rather a reference to the specific area of origin of the piece...

      Okay, so what's a "Bruges" linenfold armoire, and how would it differ from any other Armoire with linen fold panels?
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