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Re: artwork for a coller chest

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  • Rosemary
    ... Good Day My Lord Baron Conal O hAirt * I have a book on Medieval Garden s that has quite a few different pictures of surfs working on Grape vines and or
    Message 1 of 9 , Jan 27, 2007
      Good Day My Lord Baron Conal O'hAirt *
      I have a book on Medieval Garden's that has quite a
      few different pictures of surfs working on Grape vines and or
      stamping down Grapes, with the background in goldleaf being, "
      Occupations of the months. The monthly initials of a calendar of
      Saints' Days in a late 13th-century Book of Hours, Lieges. January,
      festing; February, pruning; March, digging; April, giving; May,
      enjoying; June, picking roses; July, mowing; August, reaping;
      September, bargaining; October, tramping grapes; November, fattening
      pigs; December, killing the ox. the October one also has the surf
      trying the vintage as standing in the barral tramping the grapes, as
      well as working in the vineyards working on the vines when the vines
      are bare "A vineyard scene in winter, showing a lookout tower and
      rows of vines being pruned and tied to stakes. Note the knife held
      between the teeth! The ground is being dug round the roots with a
      pick-axe type of mattock. Flemish, c.1520, another picture show's a
      surf standing in a barral sideways using both hands using the right
      one to cut the grapes off the vine and the left to hold the grapes
      with under the heading says; " A small vine arbour of forked poles,
      with a single vine, branched from the base. Grapes are being trampled
      in the barrel to make wine," he's cutting a full amount of grapes off
      the vine arbour, with another surf to the right of the barral, facing
      the painter checking to see with his right hand how full the barral
      is of the grapes that the other one is cutting off the vine and there
      wearing britches with t-tunics pulled up at the sides.. and that one
      is 15th century, the barral it'self is a large one but a larger sized
      one that has area for handles and the bottom says,Anpunnnus. The
      book again is called "The Medieval Garden and it's by Sylvia
      Landsberg the ISBN # 0-500-01691-7 at the time I bought it, was
      $24.95 I hope this Helps*
      I'd love to see a picture of your project once
      your done **
      Catherine rose fitz Edmunds of Swamp Keype*

      > I've seen a illumination of a monk sampling wine from a barrel
      > ( we've probably all seen that one )
      > I'm looking for other choices for something to paint on a cooler
      > I'm thinking somewhere close to mid 14th century
      > Any suggestions?
      > I can make minor artistic alterations
      > Baron Conal O'hAirt / Jim Hart
      > Aude Aliquid Dignum
      > ' Dare Something Worthy '
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