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Re: [MedievalSawdust] Molar Ratio

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    this is a point. ... -- That which yields isn t always weak.
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 7, 2007
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      this is a point.

      On 1/7/07, Avery Austringer <avery1415@...> wrote:
      > >for a solution, its likely a molar percentage. ie, not weight, actual
      > >number of particles.
      > I suspect not for a couple reasons.
      > The molar weight of linseed oil is probably not very well defined and
      > may be subject to massive variation. All antibodies, for example,
      > weigh more or less the same (and they come with something called a
      > hypervariable region which you'd think would noise things up more than
      > it does), but things like lipids can be all over the road.
      > Also, and this is an extreme to the point of goofy example but the
      > messy math would carry for anything with a signifigantly different
      > molecular weight that water, imagine we "diluted" a solution of
      > diamonds by dropping one 18g diamond into 18 mL of water. Molarity wise
      > that's 0.0000000000000000000033% solution, but by doubling the amount
      > of diamond in our 36g we would have a 100% solution.
      > In my experience when you get to big things like SDS, Tween or
      > proteins, molarity goes right out the window unless you are doing
      > things where it really matters, like labeling antibodies for analytical
      > work.
      > Avery

      That which yields isn't always weak.
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