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RE: [MedievalSawdust] Black Walnut

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  • C N Schwartz
    The chips and sawdust can be a natural herbicide. Mulch it if you want to mulch to kill the plants you spread it near. Or mulch it so well that the toxin
    Message 1 of 9 , Dec 13, 2006
      The chips and sawdust can be a natural herbicide.  Mulch it if you want to mulch to kill the plants you spread it near.  Or mulch it so well that the toxin oxidizes out.
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      Walnut toxicity is actually a complex subject.  The wood itself isn't particularly toxic to us, but shavings are extremely dangerous for horses (and sometimes dogs, apparently).  They also are toxic enough to suppress weeds in the garden.  The dust can cause allergic reactions.  And there is the nut allergy issue... not sure whether than manifests itself in the wood, but it certainly does with the oil (which is pressed from nuts).

      Plates and bowls are fine, no worries.  Things to worry about are:

      1.  Dust control and protection - the dust is very irritating (I hate cutting the stuff).  If you are turning green or air-dried this probably won't be much of a problem, unless/until you finish-sand.

      2.  Sawdust and shavings disposal - what are you going to do with them?  Composting and mulching in the garden is probably the best bet.  Don't use them in dog bedding or stables. 

      Black Walnut is one of the most beautiful woods in North America.  Air-dried is especially gorgeous; it has more color contrast than kiln-dried (which evens out the color) and sometimes attains a purplish tone.  Wonderful stuff to carve, too, except the knots.  Have fun with it!


      George Irvin wrote:

      Greetings everyone
      I recently got my hands on some very nice Black Walnut logs. I was wonder just how toxic is American Black Walnut. Would a plate or bowl turned from walnut be bad thing?

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