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Re: [MedievalSawdust] Harbor Freight? Chicago Electric?

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  • Siegfried
    I ve had good experience using Harbor Freight as a tool learning curve . (And Cummins Tools) That is to say, if I have a new type of tool that I m
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      I've had good experience using Harbor Freight as a 'tool learning curve'.  (And Cummins Tools)

      That is to say, if I have a new 'type of tool' that I'm interested in, that I think will help me out in the shop ...

      Before investing $300 into a good tool then ... I'll buy a $20 (or whatever) Harbor Frieght/Cummins version.

      I'll use it until it breaks.   In that time, I'll learn what things are REALLY important for that particular kind of tool, because it's the stuff that's bugging me to DEATH about the HF one.

      Then I know I'm buying the RIGHT $300 one.

      At the same time, I've actually found that SOME of the HF tools end up being good enough (with some modification).   I'm still using a compound miter I bought from them like 5 years ago.   And a benchtop drill press (modified to actually stay square)

      Of course, there are some things that I need extreme accurcy from day one, and so I buy good quality day 1 ... like the planer/jointer and mortising machine ...


      On 9/15/06, Logan <logan@...> wrote:

      yeah, harbor freight junk is, well, junk.  fact is you get what you pay for and going the cheap way with anything gives you a lesser product.  its like buying black and decker or ryobi garbage instead of bosch.  nothing wrong with doing it as long as you know you are getting crap.  i bought one tool ever from harbor freight and wont make that mistake again.  even their sandpaper is poor.  but as long as someone isn't concerned with getting something good they can save a bunch buying cheaper stuff.  just don't expect it to do what you would expect from a decent piece of equipment.





      tool snob


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      no, its known.  you buy from harbor frieght, you are buying a short term item.

      On 9/15/06, Charles Hardy <chardy-1@...> wrote:

      I know people who have been using Harbor Freight power tools for years with no problems. Just because either you or someone you know has had a problem in the past doesn't mean that all their products are bad. If money is a concern I would personally say to go ahead and get the harbor freight tool and use it until it either dies or you can afford a more expensive one.

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      Well, you want a motor that does X.  Stats on one from Harbor Freight costs $50, let's just say.  All the bargain houses have similar ones for about the same.  The EXPENSIVE ones with the same stats all hover around $250, from the expensive places.  Why is this?  Well, the Harbor Freight ones will die in a year, the $250 will be used by your grandchildren after you are dead.


      I learned at the brewery I worked at.  Also, a Makita half inch drill will die in 8 months, a Milwaukee lasts for years though it costs 4 times as much.




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      I would not buy anything from chicago electric. Cheap chinese made tools. They don't last very long. Try looking at Northern Hardware, they also carry electric motors.

      Conal O'hAirt Jim Hart wrote on 9/15/2006, 12:03 PM:

      Anyone ever buy an electric motor from
      Harbor Freight?

      Were you happy with it? ( I've got
      a store close by...)


      Anyone have a better source?

      or should I just find a local shop
      and save S&H...

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