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Re: [medievalsawdust] Other Caber Press Books

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  • rmhowe
    ... I do. I m the one who sent the manuscript to Jack Thompson. I also sent him the English Medieval Chests articles to make that book from. [I doubt if it
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 17, 2003
      Tracie Brown wrote:
      > Does anyone have experience with Jack Thompson's Ancient
      > Locks & Keys? Does it go back far enough to be useful for
      > SCA period?
      > -- Signy

      I do. I'm the one who sent the manuscript to Jack Thompson.

      I also sent him the English Medieval Chests articles to
      make that book from.

      [I doubt if it will succeed but I have been trying to
      complete Master Finnr's final project of getting
      Arthur MacGregor's Bone, Antler, Ivory, and Horn [1985]
      completed. He mentioned it to me in an email shortly before
      he died but I believe at this point Finnr was being strung
      along. I bought his book but MacGregor hasn't replied at
      the only address [possibly not the one Finnr was using]
      that I have been able to find for him. Maybe Jack will
      have more luck. I appear to have wasted well over a $100
      and many hours on it.] At least it helped his widow and
      brother who are stuck with the costs of two funerals
      with no insurance. I personally have sent her $110 and
      bought $240 worth of his books. The MacGregor book was
      a duplicate of mine bought for reprinting, as Finnr seemed
      quite positive on the possibility of MacGregor authorizing a
      reprint. It's kind of the Bible on skeletal materials
      work. Very different from his York book of nearly the
      same title. Finnr had been in touch with both MacGregor
      and with Thompson but never connected the two together.
      The book is now with Jack.]

      The original Ancient Keys and Locks was a rapidly
      deteriorating book I borrowed from the Chicago Public
      Library written in 1883 work by British General
      Pitt-Rivers who formed the Pitt-Rivers collection at Oxford.
      There are a variety of ancient to newer lock types
      illustrated both in metal and wood.
      Jack contributed two lock articles he had to it
      and I contributed a bibliography of locks in books
      I've found, mostly own, that covers from Roman through
      medieval times.

      It doesn't have more locks I found in 2 other Helgo books
      besides the one I cited or the ones in Medieval Winchester;
      Object and Economy [which is a huge $450 2 volume set
      that details the objects found at Winchester. I have it,
      but I have not had time to completely dissect it for
      citations - probably take me days.]. It does have a
      3 1/2 or 4 page bibliography from many sources.

      For the money it's a good deal. For the illustrations
      and bibliography it's a good deal. AFAIK no one had
      put together one before for reenactment use. The books
      that include locks either have very few or are very
      expensive quite often.

      Master Magnus, OL, GDH, Regia

      >>Thompson Conservation Lab.
      >>7549 N. Fenwick
      >>Portland, Oregon 97217
      >>503/735-3942 (ph/fax)
      >>http://home.teleport.com/~tcl 1/03
      >>*He is not a morning person.
      >>That is the west coast too.
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