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  • Haraldr Bassi (yahoogroups)
    ... Consider a Toyota Matrix as an alternative. It s surprisingly roomy inside, has a dead flat fold down hard deck that is easy to load and pack. Gets very
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 20, 2006
      On Thu, July 20, 2006 21:10, Lance J. Brown said:
      > SCA and Medieval WoodworkingI started reenqcting back in 1987 with a 1984
      > Toyota Celica and from there went to a 1988 Bronco two. After that, I
      > downsized to a Mitsubishi eclipse (You should have seen that thing loaded
      > for Gettysburg, lol The ridge pole went all the way uo to the shift).
      > From there to a For Ranger and then to an Eplorere. I am wondering now
      > do I keep the explorer or do I trade it in. I want to buy a Corolla for
      > commuting to work (80 miles round trip) and am not sure do I keep the
      > Explore or trade it in, and should I buy a newer Corolla or an older one
      > (13,900 vs. 8500).

      Consider a Toyota Matrix as an alternative. It's surprisingly roomy
      inside, has a dead flat fold down hard deck that is easy to load and pack.
      Gets very good gas mileage when compared to a Corolla (within 3mpg of a
      similar corolla). I drive the 2003 Matrix XRS (6 spd high performance
      180hp engine 30mpg avg) while the wife drives the 2005 AWD Matrix XR
      (130hp engine 26-27mpg avg). I get better gas mileage than she does as I
      have the manual transmission, hers handles infinitely better in the snow
      than mine but mine goes from zero to 60 only needing to use first and
      second gear :)

      Last weekend we drove from the Hudson Valley area of NY to Maine for Great
      Northeastern War in the XRS. I have a Thule roof rack on it and picked up
      a Thule cargo pod on Friday. I had the futon mattress, down pillows and
      down comforter in the pod, and should be able to get more in there. I had
      the wood for the Gokstad bed and the tent poles on the other side of the
      rack. Inside was 3 six board boxes (1x12 pine style), 3 Ikea Kartotek
      plywood boxes (same basic size), a cooler, a huge plastic tote with the
      tent canvas, the four bed posts and two directors chairs (as the wife
      asked for something with arms for the weekend instead of our usual sitting
      on the six board chests). There was still plenty of room to see through
      the rear windows or to bring more stuff.

      I've also gotten a pair of huge servers (on pallets) inside this thing. It
      is the most amazing small car I've ever driven. The XRS is a blast to
      drive, it's essentially the same engine and transmission as the Celica
      GTS, but with the Matrix body. So it becomes a sports car that can haul a
      crapload of stuff. The back seats are roomy enough that when I weighed
      340lbs I could still sit back there. The only issue is the six board
      chests are about an inch or two too long to sit in the back with the rear
      seats up. But I so rarely bring 4 people to events. With three, one seat
      is down the other is up and plenty of space for the boxes.

      I just ordered a hitch for hers and will be using hers to tow a trailer to
      Pennsic. Likely a smaller trailer than my current 5'x10', but that remains
      to be seen as the big trailer is only 750lbs empty.

      My advice is to get a car that makes good sense for the commute, the
      better your mileage the less it costs you to get to work and the more you
      save for play time. Use a trailer to augment your carry capacity as needed
      when needed and you only pay the mpg price when you tow. Alternatively, if
      you can afford it or you just need to haul more than any small car can
      handle, getting a second vehicle to use a large cargo hauler is the option
      to consider. A fellow apprentice has a full size cargo van and a Cooper
      Mini for just that reason. The hard part this year is the temptation to
      just drive my AWD Chrysler Town & Contry LTD minivan to war again but I
      really don't think I need the space and don't want to add another 1000
      miles to it as I am trying to sell it, even if it is supposed to be my
      designated Pennsic and weekend camping hauler.


      Dave Calafrancesco

      ... They got the library at Alexandria, they aren't getting mine!
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