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RE: [MedievalSawdust] Book review ?

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  • Bill Schongar (bschonga)
    I have the book, and don t think it s a bad addition to a medieval woodworking library. Same comment as other folks - either someone went metric/english, some
    Message 1 of 5 , Jun 16 12:40 PM
      I have the book, and don't think it's a bad addition to a medieval
      woodworking library. Same comment as other folks - either someone went
      metric/english, some typos got transcribed, etc.. but all in all a good
      starting point.

      I personally preferred the old newsletter "Sacred Spaces" for projects.
      I still have my originals from way back when, but some folks have been
      kind enough to put up PDF copies since it's sadly no longer distributed.


      Nice stuff, suitable for diffferent levels of woodworking, and well
      explained and measured. Like this one that I followed when making my
      very first 6-board chest:



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      > Hi all, long time lurker, first time poster. I am not an
      > experienced woodworker and don't have a fancy shop set up
      > like Conal :) but I do pretty good for myself. I am the kind
      > of person who likes to make things for himself because it
      > adds to the whole SCA experience for me.
      > This being said I have recently started making plans to
      > upgrade my camp equipment to soething more period than a lawn
      > chair with a blanket over it. I have come across a book
      > called Constructing Medieval Furniture: Plans and
      > Instructions with Historical Notes by Daniel Diehl. I was
      > wondering if anyone has ever read this book and what they
      > thought of it before I went and bought a copy. Keep in mind
      > that in comaprison to most of you I am a relative beginner
      > and really just wanted to know how helpful this book is. Also
      > I have the greatest respect for any craftsman that uses
      > purely historical construction technique but that is not me.
      > As long as the end product looks right I will use any means
      > to get it there so I am not looking for comparisons of how
      > historically accurate the instructions are in the book, just
      > an idea of what is in it before I buy it.
      > Thank you,
      > Aengus mac Farlane
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