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RE: [MedievalSawdust] Glueing Green oak?

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  • Chuck Phillips
    Julian; Polyurethane glues have been available here for some time. I think the first on the mass market was Gorilla Glue . I m not the least bit surprised
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      Polyurethane glues have been available here for some time.  I think the first on the mass market was “Gorilla Glue”.  I’m not the least bit surprised that it worked well on your green timbers, as the reaction is catalyzed by water…


      The biggest downside for me is that it’s a lot messier than PVA glues.  I always wear gloves when applying it, and the foamy excess can be a pain.


      Charles Joiner


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      Glueing green oak?

      Last year, the Construction Company I mainly work-for, converted a 400yr-old, granite, farm-outbuilding into a 3-bedroomed cottage - ["Black Butter Cottage" ] - for the Farm Owner's son, who was getting married.

      So old a building - even though it had never been a dwelling, - had "Listed" Status.

      The Historic Conservation Requirements called for the use of oak for main 1st-floor beams and joists, as were all doors, windows, panelling, skirtings architraves, staircase, &c.

      The oak came from a French source - much cheaper than in the UK , - and was supposed to be seasoned; - but we did moisture-content checks when the shipment arrived, prior to starting installation - and I'd have classed all that oak as "green"!

      However, installation needed to go-ahead despite the Contractor's misgivings, in order to have the cottage ready to be handed-over prior to the Wedding Date.

      We routinely-use a polyurathene expanding, foaming wood-glue produced by "Geocell" in tube form (like that for silicone sealants) , and marketed in the UK under the Trade Name of "Joiner's Mate" - and it worked as well on this "green oak" as it does on normal construction-grade pine. I.e, - the glue-bond is mostly stronger than the timber. All I can tell you is that we had no problems using Joiners' Mate for all the "2nd-Fix" joinery at the cottage.

      Do you have this glue-type  available to you on the US Market? It's far more economic, and faster-setting - than ordinary PVA-based adhesives for use on timber.


      Julian Wilson,

      Master Carpenter,

      in the Island of "olde" Jersey ..



      Yours in Service,


      ["Messire Matthew Baker", Governor & Castellan of Jersey , 1486-1497:

      Motto  - "Si vis pacem, para bellum" (Trans:-"if you wish for Peace, prepare for War") ]

      aka. - Julian Wilson,  - late-medieval Re-enactor; Herald, Historian, & Master Artisan to
      "The Companie of the Duke's Leopards",
      [the Island of "olde" Jersey 's only mediæval living-history Group]
      Meet us at <  www.dukesleopards.org 



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