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Local-ish (to some here)Viking-age Woodcarvings exhibit/cross post

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  • windsingersmoon
    Warren P. Sewell Memorial Library 315 Hamilton Avenue Bremen, GA 30110 770-537-3937 Hours of Operation Monday 10:00 – 5:30 Tuesday 10:00 – 7:00 Wednesday
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 5, 2006
      Warren P. Sewell Memorial Library
      315 Hamilton Avenue
      Bremen, GA 30110

      Hours of Operation
      Monday 10:00 – 5:30
      Tuesday 10:00 – 7:00
      Wednesday 10:00 – 5:30
      Thursday 10:00 – 7:00
      Friday 10:00 – 5:30
      Saturday 10:00 – 3:00
      Sunday Closed

      It's all mine. 40 or so items worth, with 2 by Hastar.
      But it's there, at the request, 4 or 5 months ago, of the library.
      My works are kicking off their 2006 season as their January "Artist
      of the Month"

      It looks Great. Even better than I had planned it.
      A radio station in a neighboring town, is, and will be, regulary
      advertizing it. I met someone from the station, (WKNG,...how
      appropriate) yesterday. The man had been notified by the library
      that the exhibit was there, so he'd come to see for himself, and by
      chance, I was there to meet and talk with him. He seemed very
      impressed with it,....he wants me to do an on-air interview with him,
      tomarrow, if possible.

      Someone from Norway will be arriving in the area (on other business)
      in a couple of weeks. He'll also make viewing the exhibit one of his
      stops while he's here. (Hopefully someone will let me know when he
      plans to be there)

      My mundane name is not up as the 'Artist'

      I had them put simply "SHARA"
      on it,
      "Member of the Society for Creative Anachronism"
      and my email address.

      Leaving the library, today, after adding more items and historical
      information about the various pieces, I chanced to see a flyer next
      to the door.
      Bright yellow
      it had sample pix of some of the carvings in the exhibit, and said
      simply (in barely see-able letters) "Artist of the Month"

      And then, in LARGE (one and a half inch dark letters) "SHARA"

      COOL!!!!! It looks like an announcement for the arrival of "CHER"
      or "MADONNA"

      Talk about a warm fuzzy feeling !!!!!

      For all I want my mundane privacy/anonimity from the world, I have no
      problems with having my sca persona being known.

      I felt like a star, incognito, at my own concert !!!!!
      I grabbed a couple of copies for my scrapbook, and one for my folks.
      Hastar grabbed one to post at work (but he had to add a post-it note
      to it, explaining it was his lady wife's 'other' name, and info about
      where to go see it, and 'what' it was)

      Just for the record, this is the last one of these things I ever plan
      on doing, so if ya wanna see it, do so soon. come Feb. it all goes
      back into indefinate storage, what-ever doesn't get attached
      to 'houses' in my growing Viking Village. (A guildhall will be going
      up in the coming months) I'm getting old and tired, and setting up
      this thing half killed me to do, so this is definately the last grand

      I won't be making many events for quite awhile, either. The home
      situation has Had to become a #1 priority, that's why most of ya
      haven't hardly seen us over the last year or so. For the first time
      in my 23.08 years in the sca, and Hastar's 29, the sca must come 2nd
      (or 5th) in our priorities. Heck, priority wise it ain't even on
      the list, so ignore the last sentence.

      Hopefully, when we're through here, we'll have a wonderful place to
      invite Shire friends to do research in our new library or work on
      projects in the guildhall and nearby covered pavillion. We aren't
      totally leaving the sca. We'll still be spending as much time as we
      possibly can with our local Shire family (TalMere)..while the sca is
      kinfolk, the local folks are our much loved brothers and sisters, and
      we miss um when we can't see them for awhile.

      On that note, I'm off to re-post this to Tal-Mere.
      Those who can find the time, do try and come out.

      The library is easy to find.
      I-20 west
      get off at the Bremen/Hwy 27 exit, going North (Exit # 13, I Think)
      vear off to the right when you get to a light with a fork, about a
      quarter mile or so, off the exit. "Business 27" into town.

      Stay on 27. Cross the RR tracks just past the light on Hwy 78
      intersection. Go about half a mile (mostly up-hill,l crossing a
      second track) and you'll find the library on the right, in front of a
      water tower, and the Bremen First Methodist Church, will have a
      parking lot right next to(past) the library...i.e. turn before you
      get to the Church. The library is close to the road, overflow
      parking usually uses the church parking lot (That church has a Cool
      set of double arched doors, that I plan to have a copy of, here, into
      the/MY library)

      Be sure to tell the librarians that you're sca and heard about it
      from me. They're clearly very proud of the exhibit, and seeing to
      it that it gets LOTS of attention, both localish media and favorite
      patrons and friends and family.

      Do I regret not doing it under my mundane name ?
      Not a lick !!!
      My mundane side is quiet and hard working and horribly anti-social.
      As Shara, I get to escape that serious shell for awhile, and have
      fun, occassionally, and the work I do, at events, is a labor of love,
      because I'm surrounded by people who understand what it is to get
      lost in books and museums and who understand the passion of creating
      beautiful things with one's hands and heart.

      If my name must be known, let it be here, and this one.
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