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Re: [MedievalSawdust] Scribal Desk

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  • julian wilson
    Helen Schultz wrote:Julian: I do wish I could write so well as you, but I can say you are most welcome for any info I can impart.
    Message 1 of 4 , Nov 11, 2005
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      Helen Schultz <helen.schultz@...> wrote:
      I do wish I could write so well as you, but I can say you are most welcome for any info I can impart.  Any photos of your group that you appear in??  Just curious, as it is always nice to put a face to a name.
      Matthew Baker
      Meisterin Katerina Helene von Schönborn,OL
      Gentle Mistress,
      I doe grete Thee in the Nayme of the Chivalry thattë we twain doe honour;  & verily doe I protest thattë  thys simpel soldier, Thy curiosity beyond his poor merits  doth honour !!
      Naytheless, I doe commend unto Thy attention the doings of House Greydragon, questing therefor in the mannere Thou dost wot of, at www.greydragon.org  - whence ye mays't discover <What's New"., thence seeking under <"Events">, and thence undere <"Jersey Revels, 2004">.
      Therein shalt Thine eyes discern our Companie innë the Revels Arena, and in Camp also.
      Further shalt Thou also see my humble self hosting our noble cousins in Chivalry, Master Terafan Greydragon, OL, THLady Dubheàsa, and my Lord Robert of Canterbury - at our Lord Duke The King's grete Castel of Gouray, the whych forteresse my Charge is by Hys Dred Commande Royalle.
      God's Blessings be uponne Thyself, Thy House and Thy Works, now, and until The Judgement, when mayhap we may mete face-toface, at the Laste, by Hys Grace.
      Gyven under my hond at my Manoir de Trinité, by Goddes Mercy, thys eleventh daye of Novembre, being the Feast of St. Veranus, ynne the Yere of Oure Lord, 1494

      Yours in service,
      Julian Wilson,
      [aka. Messire Matthew Baker/Matthieu Besquer, Governor & Castellan of Jersey, 1486-1497: - "Si vis pacem, para bellum"]
      late-medieval Re-enactor; & Historian and Master Artisan to
      "The Companie of the Duke's Leopards",
      [the only medieval living-history Group
      in "olde" Jersey]

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